Odds And Ends: Friday Edition

I don’t have much for ya’ll today. I was mad crazy busy at work Wednesday and Thursday, and I just got back from a deservedly long lunch at this place. I just love saying the name. Can you imagine telling someone you just ate at the Big Red Cock??? The look on their faces would be worth all the laughter!! LOL!!!! I had the fish and chips with malt vinegar and homemade tartar sauce and it was yummy. I split a bread pudding with REAL homemade caramel sauce with a co-worker and now I have ITIS big time.

I did some online shopping for some fall pieces and a pair of boots, thanks to gift cards and discount codes (courtesy of my twitter friend @singlema).  Old Navy is offering 25% off your online order if you use the code ONWINTER. I also ordered one of these as I had been wanting one for a very long time. No more bulky belt buckles!!!

Tonight me and the hubs are going to a movie and sushi with some friends and I am going to a dinner party on Saturday hosted by Tarsha who blogs at Three Food Words. She is the business in the kitchen so I am EXCITED to be able to taste her cooking! I also need to take hubs to get a winter coat. I’m sure there will be some football and beer in the mix as well, so that’s gonna be my weekend.

That’s about it, folks. I’ll be back on Monday with fresh juice. What’s up for your weekend? Better yet, what’s on your fall fashion list?????


2 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Friday Edition

  1. me too! oh and i have a testimony – i got a wedding invitation in the mail on saturday and on monday i had my RSVP completed and mailed back! i’m not pissing off another BRIDE by lollygagging with my rsvp…THANK YOU MA’AM!

  2. I was waiting for someone I know to give me a review of this place, BRC. You know I trust your judgment so I will be checking them out.

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