Frightful and Delightful


Myron and I are probably going to hit up a haunted house this weekend. We’re thinking that we will try this place out. It’s even been featured on the Travel Channel! It’s a little pricey as far as haunted houses go, but we are going to make a night of it and have dinner and then head to get our scare on! Last year we went to a place called Screamworld and had a lot of fun. Even Mr. Mack was sufficiently scared shitless for a few minutes! LOL!!!

We live in a townhouse complex that doesn’t have a lot of children so I won’t be getting any candy to hand out. Folks don’t go door to door around here much. 😦

Do you celebrate Halloween? Going to any parties or haunted houses??


7 thoughts on “Frightful and Delightful

  1. The haunted house looks like loads of fun. I love halloween. It is so much fun to dress up see all the kids costumes, pumpkins carving and so much more. It is a fun time of year. Have a Great Halloween.

  2. I kind of hate halloween – always have. But we’re getting dragged to a party this year, so I suppose…. LOL

  3. I use Halloween as a day for eating candy, going to haunted houses, and a party if there’s one to go to. Luckily, this Halloween a good friend of mine is having a Halloween themed engagement party, so that’s where I’ll be doing.

  4. I’ve never celebrated Halloween – but I kinda want to dress up as Phaedra from RHOA this year, so who knows – I may just do the dang thang.

    I’m letting the kid dress up for school parties, but no trick or treating for her – she’s not real thrilled with me. Oh well.

    Have fun!

  5. Nothing much here. Old Dude has missed 2 solid weeks of football for wedding and honeymoon *oh the horror* so guess what were doing on Halloween?!

  6. I am assisting Dee with his club’s Halloween Carnival. Will FB the pics. Honestly? I am more excited than the kids are!

  7. I’m actually invited to two parties this weekend one with Howard alum (it’s homecoming this weekend) and one for Halloween.

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