Odds And Ends: Hump Day Edition

Hey ya’ll,

I don’t have much to report so I thought I’d be a little random today.

  • I am writing out my thank you notes from the wedding slowly but surely and my wrist is getting a cramp! I used to give folks who sent me a pre-printed thank you note a strong side eye of disapproval but now I definitely see why they went that route. All that writing is more than a notion. But I want my guests to have a personal note from us and so I write on. And to the folks who read this blog who sent Myron and I gifts, don’t worry, your thank you is coming! I’m doing my notes in batches so I don’t get overwhelmed. I definitely should have gotten a head start on them after the shower and I didn’t. My advice to brides to be: Write the thank you when you get the gift!!! Don’t delay! 🙂
  • On a semi-related note: My handwriting is really starting to get jacked up!! My cursive used to be pretty nice but I was looking at my notes and I was like damn, my handwriting is not so nice anymore. For my last few notes, I started writing more in print. Does your handwriting get worse as you age or are we so dependent on the computer that we kind of forget how to write??
  • I’ve written a couple of times on here about my discomfort with the fact that a few of my friends seemed to be less than excited or supportive about the fact that I was getting married. Several of ya’ll as well as some folks in my life advised me that what was occurring was natural and apart of the cycle of life and perhaps these friends were seasonal. Well after the wedding, I took another step to reach out to them to check in and see how THEY were doing. They responded back, I suggested getting together for drinks to catch up…and I haven’t heard anything back. I’m over it. I did what I felt was right and I am moving on. Maybe we’ll have an opportunity to re-strengthen those bonds…and maybe we won’t. Oh well. That’s life.
  • I think you should go read THIS.

What’s going on random with you???

9 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Hump Day Edition

  1. I’m catching up on your blog and just saw this post. I would have to either have them printed or pay someone to write them out for me. I have HORRIBLE handwriting, the kind doc’s have. If only I was good in math, science and was disciplined I would have made a great MD.

  2. Tiffany, I have one or two CLOSE friends who I haven’t even seen since I got engaged, and I’ve been MARRIED for almost 3 years. One woman even had the nerve to tell me, “I don’t do married people”. And she’s not some hood rat. She’s a hard working, supposedly confident, Christian woman. At first I was pretty hurt, but now I’m like whatever…life goes on. I don’t really have a response for this, except it is what it is and I thank God for removing the BIRDS from my life. LOL

    I, too, used to have great handwriting, but it’s not nearly so hot anymore. I can type fast as heck though. I swear, I’d type the thank yous and just sign my name. ;-p

  3. I too lost friends after “I do” but gained even better ones! Such is life…

  4. I’ve lost a good friend before as well. It was under different circumstances, of course, but like TDJ said it does hurt in the beginning but as time goes on the hurt fades.

  5. I love sending and receiving handwritten notes. Truly a time investment, but worth it.
    Sorry re the friends. Been there, done that. I reached out a few times, then I moved on. It hurt in the beginning, but I realized it was their issue and not mine. They chose to cut themselves out of my life.

  6. My penmanship is disgusting!! I def think it’s more to do with computers. When I was in college (uh, back in the day when we took notes by hand)my writing was much better. Now I get through 1/2 a sentence and I’m like DANG! wrist cramp.

    As for friendships post-marriage… I’m working on a post about that too.

  7. I experienced the same thing with my friends (and some family) after we announced our engagement. Every few weeks I will reach out to those select few that drifted away. sometimes they respond, and other times they don’t. I keep telling my husband that “I’m done”but then a few weeks later I reach out again. I guess its hard for me to believe and understand how someone can just let a long-term friendship go. I wish I had and answer, but I’m going through the same thing. Maybe one of these days I will finally make peace with it.

  8. Handwritten notes are a nice touch.

    As for your friends, you’ve done your part in reaching out to them.

    Think of it as the Lord’s way of revealing to you who they truly are. Life is too short to be dealing with phoniness within your circle.

  9. I received my thank you card last week!

    Babe needs to get about writing her birthday thank you cards

    I hope you know that the people not happy for you is NOT a reflection of you but of them and their lives

    I am too tickled I can respond from work…on quota time…heck I will take what I can get!

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