Maybe It’s Just Me…

…but I think it’s somewhat impolite to ask how many carats someone’s wedding or engagement ring is. Being a newlywed, some of the ladies at the office have asked to look at my e-ring and my wedding band. No problemo, I’ll gladly show it off if asked. I did the same thing when I was single, after all, what girl doesn’t love shiny, pretty things…LOL!

However, I don’t think I ever came out and asked someone the size of their ring. And when the co-worker asked, I was taken aback. I stumbled through an answer, saying something to the effect of my husband wouldn’t tell me when he gave it to me but I love it. (Which I do! Thanks boo!) But talk about AWWWWK-WARD.

Where they do dat at???

Has this happened to you or anyone you know??


20 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Just Me…

  1. yup, my friend. I just got a new set for my 20th anniversary. she also held my hand up to the light to check the clarity. she wanted to make sure hers was bigger and higher quality.

  2. 1 of my staff got a huge honking upgrade at her 10 yr wedding anniversary. it really is beautiful and i told her, but i would NEVER ask her or anyone else about the # of carats.

    it’s very impolite and tacky, imo.

    ppl are just trying to be nosey and the size of the ring doesn’t really tell you much about a person’s finances – because that’s what the nosey person’s really trying to find out.

  3. Its quite tacky but also very common. At first, I had millions of flip answers but now? But now I just smile and shake my head.

  4. Oh my God! My neighbor is like that. She will ask EN-T-THANG. I just tell her either, “that’s public knowledge; look it up” or “none of your business!” Nosiness is ok, but I hate invasive nosiness.

  5. who does that!!!?? I’ve had a few guy friends ask when they were planning on proposing because they thought it was a nice size, and they wanted a visual when they started researching, but that is a totally different situation.

  6. Very tacky.

    Do what I do…. say “I wouldn’t know, I didn’t buy it for myself.”

  7. I would only ask a close close friend who had already volunteered info to me about rings and stuff. I do think its rude off the cuff from coworkers and associates.

  8. Tacky tacky tacky. I think I would’ve just stared at the asker really hard and walked away. Wow.

  9. people ask a lot of questions that are inappropriate. Always have and always will. Depends on my mood as to how I will answer, but it is awkward!

  10. My bf and I have been talking about rings and sizes for months. We can talk about those things and we do. So when she got engaged and her ring looked larger than she wanted, I sure did ask. I think the problem comes when it seems like people are just being nosy or messy and stank. That’s not okay.

  11. This is extremely rude in my opinion. At the end of the day, they really just want to know what was spent, which is none of their business, since they did not contribute. What I don’t understand is this… If you have a true understanding of what a carat actually is/looks like, you should be able to tell by looking at the ring for yourself & not have a need to ask. I mean if you have had occasion to shop/look at rings, you come to know about the 4 c’s and what difference they make in a ring.

  12. There was a woman in my program at grad school who asked me the cost of everything I wore or carried at school. I avoided her like the plague. It’s so none of anyone’s business.

  13. I have had a couple of women ask me that very question, followed by “what does he do…?”

    The nerve! Tres tacky!

  14. You should photocopy the certificate and pass it around the office! LOL Some folks, I swear…

    I’ve only had one person ask and it was a friend. She did it in a whisper because she felt out of line! LOL I have had people comment and say that it’s really beautiful and my husband loves me a lot!

  15. Nope, that’s just rude. I didn’t even ask my BFF the size or cost of her ring. It’s beautiful, she loves it and I’m happy she’s getting married. I would never occur to me to ask. But again – most people DON’T possess common sense and they have no idea what to say out of their damn mouths.

  16. I didn’t have anyone actually come out and ask, but I did have some random female bartender *nttawwt* ask to see my ring after my husbnd was bragging that we were recently engaged. She then said, “oh, it’s cute” I was sitting there thinking WTH? There is nothing cute about my ring…my ring is a David Yurman. It’s not a diamond, but it is a big arse rock with a name that you cannot even pronounce. LOL!

  17. It’s not just you. To ask about carats is tacky.

    Just like people shouldn’t ask about other stuff like how much their salary is, how much their mortgage is, how big your husband’s johnson is. If someone offers the info, that is fine, but you shouldn’t ASK.

  18. It would never cross my mind to ask about the cost or the carats in someone’s jewelry. But a lot of people really care. I’ve been asked what type of ring I have and the details behind it. That’s fine because its not a diamond and there is a story behind it.

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