It seems that a lot (well maybe not a lot) of several people I know, both in real life and cyber are marrying later, like mid-to-late thirties or are on a second marriage. Conversely, I know of several friends who are divorced or in the process of divorcing after getting married relatively “early”, say right after college or mid-twenties. Do you notice this amongst your circle of friends or associates?? Is it a cyclical process??

I was just thinking out loud about this and decided I’d ask.


11 thoughts on “Cyclical

  1. I have many friends that waited till their 30’s to get married and I’m glad they did. I have many friends who are divorced. I think a lot of people get married too young because they think it’s the next thing they’re supposed to do.

  2. I’ve been fortunate to have very candid married friends. Most are still together, but have been honest with things they’ve had to deal with…like infidelity…even swinging 😯 ! There are a couple of marriages I really admire and their divorces rocked me a bit. Just reminds me how this marriage thing is no joke and how I’m doing the right thing by being patient and faithful. I watch some of my friends grow more and more desperate to marry and procreate and the choices they are making just bring so much unnecessary drama to their lives. I’m cool here living my life to the fullest while making room for the blessing of a life partner.

  3. I haven’t noticed this. My friends and family that married early are still married, thank goodness! 🙂 I have noticed that my folks in my circle either married early (under 25) or wait until their mid-thirties.

  4. Yes, I’ve noticed this trend. I used to always say, “my husband is somewhere unhappily married right now. We’ll meet during the divorce wave that is sure to come.”

    It came and we met.

  5. The few people I know who married early and remarried later, are already divorced again. They tended to marry a man with even more problems than the first husband which to me is worse because at least the first husband had youth as his excuse.

    I think people who are divorced are people who will divorce. So it is cyclical in that way.

  6. Most of my friends that are my age were married in our 30’s with a few in their late 20’s. Only a handful of us are divorced. And of the divorced, most are remarried or on their way. The trend that I’ve noticed is that folks my age don’t stay single for very long. It’s like out two or three years and then back into marriage.

  7. I haven’t noticed this – most of my friends married “earlier” and everybody’s still together.

  8. True. It happens…but not to everyone. I got married at 20 and we are still going strong today (10 years later). I think that with any marriage, the key is picking the right person. That can happen at any age.

  9. When I divorced in my early 30s I always said I would remarry in my late 30s after my second husband had divorced his first wife and had time to saw his oats.

  10. I have noticed this and I think its inevitable that SOME people who married early are now divorcing. 7 year itch or something like that?

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