Blogger’s Note

I have just about finished up my wedding related re-cap posts. When my professional pics come in, I will definitely post some of them up for ya’ll to see and perhaps have a final wrap up post about the wedding. But, the wedding is over now and the marriage begins and I plan to write about it, what I can share of course. LOL!!! I do want to stay married!!

I also plan to talk about some of my interests and just whatever strikes my fancy and so you will start to notice those kinds of posts from me, in my own special TIH voice. 🙂  I think I will keep this spot for while anyway, because frankly I’m just too lazy to start a new blog right now and most of you that read have gotten used to coming here.

I hope that those folks who read and don’t comment much, will stay around and speak up a bit more now that the topics will become more varied. I hope that my regular commentators will still add your opinions and thoughts to the mix as well.

I really do appreciate you all for reading this little corner of the internet and I think the next part of the journey will be fun…I hope you will too!


3 thoughts on “Blogger’s Note

  1. While I can’t comment as often as I’d like I read every post. So glad you are gon stick around!

  2. Hey TIH. You know I’m still around checking out the blog even though I rarely comment. I hope to in the future, though.

  3. I’m excited to see what happens! Thanks for sharing.

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