Re-Caps: The Ceremony

You know, it doesn’t really take all that long to get married. And having sat through wedding ceremonies that damn near felt like church, I kept that in mind when planning our ceremony. We thought about writing out some vows but time got away from us and the research I did online for examples seemed somewhat cheesy and just not who WE are. So in talking with my uncle, who was our officiant we decided to keep it simple..and short. However, several people commented that they appreciated the brevity of the ceremony, that they liked the music and they appreciated the message that my uncle shared in relation to marriage, in particular talking about how the man should be the leader in the marriage and how the woman is the support yet still remains equal.

But enough of my rambles and on with the pics!

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17 thoughts on “Re-Caps: The Ceremony

  1. Gorgeous bride and ceremony! And your niece (Chandler)is too cute :-).

  2. Excuse me! Pic are nice and all, but I want RECAPS! Did Daddyzilla return? Was there any wardrobe malfunctions? Did you have to shank a bridesmaid? (there is usually one slacker, lol)? Did you start on time and enforce the “no late arrivals” rule? Did anyone dare wear white?

    No shortcuts club! πŸ˜†

  3. I’m late (again), but congratulations! You were beautiful, and so was your wedding! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. You guys look so happy – I’m cheesing like I know you!

  5. Like the new blog design!! Anyhoo, your makeup looked fly sister…and your honey looked quite handsome (and happy!).

  6. So lovely. You guys were so happy. Love it.

  7. Stunning!! Congrats again.

  8. So, so pretty! And three cheers for short ceremonies πŸ™‚

  9. It looks like it was amazing !

  10. I really loved when he quoted the scripture from the conversation between Ruth and Naomi. It was so fitting!!

  11. Great pics! I’m all for short – our ceremony lasted foreeeeever.

  12. Your wedding turned out great. Elegant and classy.

  13. YAY! You are soooo married! LOL
    Our ceremony will probably be about 30 min, we’ll find our on Saturday…rehearsal day! whoo hoo!

  14. Congratulations Tiffany! You looked stunning! It’s funny how much preparation goes into planning a wedding and the ceremony lasts only 10 minutes (max) LOL! May God continue to bless you and Myron…again Congrats!

  15. Hi there (waving hard), I’ve followed you since you started this blog(yes, I am a lurker). From what I have seen, everything looks wonderful. You and the Mr. look so happy and in love, what a beautfiul couple! Be Blessed.

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