Re-Caps: Before the Ceremony

The day of the ceremony was pretty uneventful prior to the wedding. I stayed at my parents house the night before while Myron went home and went to hang out with his best man.

That morning I woke up, drunk some coffee and ate breakfast with the fam, got all cleaned up and waited for my stylist to arrive. Here’s a picture of the wedding hair. Let’s just say my stylist did wonders with a bag of Milky Way weave and about 50 hairpins!

I took the bun out the VERY next day! My head hurt!

Outside of the venue

Our sign!!

The set up

A word about the set up. There were 64 chairs set up chapel style and the rest of the guests were seated at the tables.  I had some anxiety about how it would look but it worked out great.  And the venue broke down the the swags and runners and set up the chairs and tables for my family and bridal party so seamlessly that I barely noticed it while we were taking pictures. By the time we were finished taking pics the tables on the floor were done and they were just waiting on us to get in place so that they could place the sweetheart table in front of us. So for those who may consider a ceremony/reception in the same room, I would suggest definitely giving it some thought. It worked very well for us. And it’s definitely a money saver.

Me peeking around the corner from the bridal changing area.

(Sorry for the blurriness. I told you they were personal photos! LOL!)

The groom getting all pinned up!

Next up: Ceremony pics!!!


9 thoughts on “Re-Caps: Before the Ceremony

  1. Oh I wish that pic of you was clear…but I can just tell you look gorgeous!! Can’t wait for more!

  2. i need to be finishing up this SOP for work and stuffing OOT bags, but i’m stalking your blog reading and awaiting more re-caps! keep em coming, they keep me grounded! :o)

  3. I love the ceremony/reception setup…great idea!

  4. I’ve been to a bunch of weddings where the ceremony’s in the same area. They kinda push everything back, hide it behind curtains or something and then while you’re out at cocktail hour, they move everything back. So cool!!

  5. My best friend’s wedding and reception were in the same room. She didn’t even have the chairs set up chapel style. Everyone sat at their assigned tables. They left a very wide aisle for us to walk down. It worked out great.

    I love the colors!

  6. My Sister used to be an Event Planner. I of couse was cheap help. So I’ve done numerous weddings where the ceremony and reception was in the same room. We always stayed until after the ceremony in order to help the hotel staff rearrange the ballroom for the reception. To the wedding party we were like elves who mysteriously transformed a room in a matter of minutes. I love your colors. That was really pretty.

  7. Awwww. It looked beautiful. And you got your own sign! Can’t wait to see the ceremony pics.

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