Let The Re-Caps Begin: Bachelorette Dinner

Blogger’s note: All my recaps will more than likely be personal photos taken by friends and family. Therefore the quality will not be professional but you should be able to feel the LOVE in the pictures..LOL!!

My bridesmaids and some of my good friends kidnapped me for a bachelorette dinner Friday night before the wedding. I had come off a VERY stressful day at work and so I was looking forward to some good drinks and eats at a spot called Bistro Alex. My friend Ann arrived a little before 8PM to pick me up and had me wearing my bachelorette gear.  🙂 Even though I had to cut the night short because I was EXHAUSTED  (I was asleep in the bed 10 minutes after getting home), I still had fun and was so very appreciative of my girls taking the time to show me love on my second to last night as a single girl! I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Note the button and the sash! LOL!!

Me and the lovely Miss Ann

My sorority sisters. The lady on the left (Tiffany B) was also my bridemaid.

House martini - made with blackberries. Tasty!

Scallops/prawns over warm potato salad with corn puree

Five cheese mac and cheese topped with proscuttio

Not really feeling this pic, but this is where we wrapped up the night.


5 thoughts on “Let The Re-Caps Begin: Bachelorette Dinner

  1. Yay for pics!!! You look too cute and the food looks yummy!

  2. Cute pics! The mac-n-cheese looks sooooo daggone good!

  3. SUPER cute top! Looks like good times were had by all 🙂

  4. Looks like you had a great time! I love your top too – it’s really cute!

  5. Awesome pics! I love the Monalisa!

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