I want these……. in a major lustful, sinful way.

But I don’t do well with shoes like this with the cut out vamp. I would have snatched it up if it had an ankle strap, though and then found the perfect red dress to wear with it!

Would you believe it’s made by Payless??? You can get it RIGHT HERE.

(Hat tip to Plumage for the link.)


14 thoughts on “Lust

  1. Yes, we call this a “boudoir shoe”! You’re only wearing them from the front door to the bedroom.

  2. Those are super super hawt!! Too bad I’d break my neck in heels higher than an inch.

  3. Those are cute. I still can’t believe any shoe at Payless cost over $20. Times sure have changed. LOL

  4. Seriously? Payless? That’s a total score!!!
    Those shoes are SEXAAAYYYY
    but i’d totally crack my ankles tryin to walk sexy in em.

  5. Those are hot! If the red ones I have already don’t match the red dress, I am THERE!!

  6. looks like a bedroom shoe to me. I say get it! Myron can thank me later.

  7. Totally cute. I say go for it anyway – it’s a cute “thanksgiving shoe” 😉

  8. Get out if here, Payless? Loves it!

  9. Payless? Shut up!

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