Parental Follies

Feel his WRATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy-zilla has returned!!!!

Let me set the stage…..

I was on the phone with my mom last night getting an update on the myriad of RSVP stragglers that I have yet to hear from. (Sidebar: Black people…learn the meaning of the RSVP, gotdammit!!) My mom told me the name of a guest that had been invited and told me that the guest wanted to bring her daughter. I told her no, I couldn’t commit to that right now. Instant attitude from the mother.

Mama: “Well, why?? She just wants to bring her daughter. So and So (their friends who had a conflict) had to decline. That’s extra spaces  there.

Me: “Mama, I have people in those slots and Myron has about 10 groups of folks that I still haven’t heard back from. I need to get with FMIL about those folks.”

Mama: ” Well, I don’t understand why she just can’t come, you got space.”

Me: “Mama, I am not going to argue with you about this. I am not the only one getting married. Myron and his folks have invited guests too and I need to find out if they are coming before I commit to anymore folks from our side.”

Mama (still with much attitude): “Hmph!”

(voice mumbling in background)

Me: “Is that Daddy?? What is he saying??”

Mama (talking to my daddy in background): “You wanna talk to her?? Here!”

(Mother passes phone to Father)

Daddy (gets on phone rather petulantly):  “I don’t understand why none of our friends can come; they have supported you all your life! Your friends are coming, why can’t our friends come too!”

(Mother gets back on phone)

Me: “Did your husband just have a TANTRUM??????????? Mama, really…why are ya’ll acting up???”

Mama: “I’ll talk to you later..I gotta go. Bye.”

(end of phone call)

By this time I am pulled up to the gas station and I know I was looking bewildered as I got out of the car.

Ya’ll, my daddy is 60 YEARS OLD!!!!!! He is a grown man! And he cut up on that telephone!!!!

Needless to say, I HOWLED. I howled with laughter all the way home, getting out of the car and coming into the house. I howled as I walked up the stairs and as I told Myron the whole escapade.

Weddings really do bring out the crazy it seems, in more than just the bride!!!!

Why didn’t anyone tell me it was going to be this bad?????? LOL!!!!!!


19 thoughts on “Parental Follies

  1. Tiffany delete that other comment. It reads like I’m special.

    Funny! (But I do feel bad for your parents.)

    I had 7 people at my wedding: Mama, Daddy, grandmother, aunt, son, MIL, and FIL. I told everybody else to catch us for the renewing of vows in 5 years. That’s when we will have enough money to invite everyone we can think of. Until then — WE GOOD! LOL

  2. 😉 Sorry, but I’m riding with your Dad.

    Weddings are about more than the bride and the groom. Getting married is the culmination of years parents raising you, praying for you, worrying over you, encouraging you. Your Dad wants to include the people that supported HIM through those years. And he has spent years going to the weddings of his friends waiting for the day it would be his turn.

  3. That is why I want to elope. I’ve been in numerous weddings — as I have a very large extended family. If not that , I want it to be extremely small and intimate. I’ve been in at least 20 weddings in some form or another, and for me, I don’t want a lot of pomp and circumstance . . . we shall see!

  4. Oh yeah, I remember all of the nonsense that was associated with our wedding. Whew lawd, I’m so happy to be past it. My mama and I had it O.U.T. while shopping for tiara’s. *lol* Too funny! It’ll all be a distant (and even funnier) memory in a couple of weeks!

  5. I am falling out over here! Poor daddy!! They just can’t see this thing from all sides.

  6. Me and my Mom got into a big fight about a HAM!!!! hahahahaha

    And liquor. I only had champagne and wine because I got married at 12 Noon. She wanted Scotch for her girls. I thought that was a little early for brown liquor. LOL again…

    Hang on tight, you’re almost there. I’m glad that you can laugh about it. 🙂

  7. I know E what you’re talking about. FOUR years later my father still says they didn’t get to invite any of their friends to our wedding. He claims many of his church friends are still mad. How about that?!? Why is it that when you are having something your parents feel entitled to invite their friends but would never think that it was necessary for you to invite your friends if they were having something. Sorry to tell you, same thing happened with my baby shower. SMH.

  8. your dad is so funny….and so is your mom. You know they talked about you when y’all got off the phone, right?

  9. That’s funny. But it shows his daddy pride for you too. He wants his friends to see his baby get married. How sweet!

  10. Guuuurl, weddings and funerals. The two times “we” WILL CLOWN!! LOL

  11. I am hollerin’ right now!!!! This post has absolutely slayed me yet given me life!!!!

  12. HAHAHAHA!! I looooove that you laughed about it! So great!

  13. Now I’m howling! Did your extra-grown azz daddy really say “why can’t my friends come?” like a child!? LMAO! I bet he was pouting when he said it too. Poor TIH’s daddy…LOL.

  14. Your parents may be under pressure from their friends and they want the bragging rights of the beautiful wedding of their daughter.

    Once the pictures come back they can show those off.

    • Your parents may be under pressure from their friends and they want the bragging rights of the beautiful wedding of their daughter.

      One of my cousin (the only daughter of my aunt) has decided to get married in Canada instead of going home like all of us do… and boy, has it been a constant source of strain… I have had to play referee with the ‘rents more than I ever cared to in my life. My aunt and my mom were both complaining about how they invested in their sisters/brothers daughters weddings and we’re either taking our sweet time or *gasp* deciding to get married abroad…

      We’ve been in nonstop negotiation for the past two weeks. Lol.

      I secretly wanted her to get married home too… so mine could be the simple, intimate affair I wanted it to be. Now it’s all shot to hell… and I have to wrap my brain around that. Le Sigh.

      Parents. Lol.




  16. I was howling with laughter with you girl. I see him stamping his foot saying, “Why can’t our friends come out to play too?!” And your sidebar is soooo appropriate. This wouldn’t even be an issue if Black Folk would just RSVP!!!

  17. This is too funny to me. Do you even know the daughter?

    I knew it would be crazy, that’s why I did it my way. I still had a few tantrums, LOL.

    You’re almost there…

  18. That picture made me scream lol…
    Things are getting down to the wire…and they are anxious and excited for you.It’s a strange thing how people can take your life personally (i.e. your friends).
    Parents get the temporarily insanity pass until this is over. Then when you have babies, it starts all over again.
    Wooosa sis…

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