You Fancy, Huh??

Here are my wedding shoes. I like the twisted heel and the bedazzlement. I actually texted Myron a picture of them while he was in Vegas and asked him were they a tad work-the-pole-ish but he liked them! (Plus, they will be putting in work later on that night! *wink*)

And since I have good sense, this is what I will be wearing when the shoes UP THERE, start hurting my feet!!!!


11 thoughts on “You Fancy, Huh??

  1. Those look DANCE.WORTHY!

  2. Love these…very did good.

  3. Those are cute! And I’m glad we’re still good 😉

  4. The countdown is on. I am so excited for you both! Can’t wait to see the pictures. You have worked so hard and I am sure everything will be lovely and perfect. If I get too busy due to work, I wanted to stop by and wish you both EVERY BIT OF HAPPINESS. Love you guys!!!!

  5. FASS! LOL They are CUTE!

  6. Very nice!!!

    Is that song on your reception playlist????

  7. HAWT! Get some foot petals and you’ll be able to go all night in those babies!

  8. Cute! Good choice!

  9. I really like those. The platform effect will benefit your feet greatly!

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