For The Win!

Best comment on a wedding related website EVAR.

From WeddingBee: commenter redherring wrote:

I am so f’ing sick and tired of people “joking” about how I’m a bridezilla. I think I’m being fairly laid back – my bridesmaids are wearing basically whatever they want, I don’t care if they want to have their makeup/hair/nails professionally done, my fiance was 100% in charge of what the menfolk should wear, I want the bar to remain open throughout the entire post-ceremony event because it’s definitely what our guests will want, we’re taking all of our formal pictures before the ceremony so our wedding party can attend the cocktail hour, etc. But whenever I express an opinion about anything at all, I get called a bridezilla. Seriously – am I supposed to be comatose?! We’re spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours planning this event. Yes, I’m going to have opinions. No, that does not make me a raving bitch.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, just about sums it up.

I gotta get back to work now. I’ll holla!


3 thoughts on “For The Win!

  1. You know what, those will be the same folks talking out of the side of their mouths when things don’t go right at the ceremony, so eff ’em. Seriously, eff ’em. YOU are organizing a major event and therefore get to decide how things are done and that’s that.

    On the other side of things, I think people just talk to be talking. Those will be the people who ask your boo how his “ball and chain” is and crap like that.

  2. …Chile PLEASE ! You are NOT a Bridezilla…sometimes people give you things you don’t even ask for- like their opinion ! You are weeks away from the most important day of your life and some folk can’t see the rose on the table for the dust they stir up around it ! Step over that notion and look forward to marrying that man the loves YOU so much !

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