As I type this post, Myron should be getting ready to land in Vegas, with all his groomsmen, cousins, and brothers for his own special edition of……………………………wait for it, wait for it:

Let the foolery commence!!!

As for myself, I will enjoy 2 whole days of uninterrupted sleep, not being frozen by the A/C and not having to fight over the bed covers…LOL!!
I am also going to be doing my menu tasting today, so I will make sure I get some good snaps to show ya’ll as well.
If you are married, did you husband have some sort of bachelor party? Would you care if your fiance’ wanted one???

14 thoughts on “Debauchery

  1. All I can say is: encourage him to act a damn fool! My baby went out there and drank waaaay too much and couldn’t wait to come (crawling) home.

  2. All I know is I don’t want my brother anywhere near the planning b/c it will most certainly involve some sort of disgusting debauchery.

  3. My wedding is not until May of next year and my fiance has already expressed he wants his “b-party” in Vegas. I have absolutely no problem with that at all. He has recently been letting his “boys” know about the b-party plans …well one of the wives asked me if I knew about this, in a “how dare you come in our circle and allow such nonsense” tone.

  4. I hope he and the guys have a ball, while you enjoy your serenity weekend! *lol* I’m not opposed to bachelor or bachelorette parties. Hubby and I both had one, a few days before our wedding. Fun was had by all!

  5. My ex’s frat brothers were wack, they didn’t plan a thing. I had to call them up a few weeks out and make sure they took him somewhere.

  6. I’m on my way to Vegas with The Don this Friday – should I be on the lookout for Myron and crew? 🙂

    My fiance is planning for/will have two to three bachelor parties, one in Vegas which is being sponsored by the CEO of his company. Who ever heard of such!? The other(s) with college buddies and other chums. His bachelor party plans don’t bother me, as long as he comes home in one piece, no broken bones, no black eyes, no criminal record, etc.

    Hope Myron has a great time!

  7. His BP probably will consist of drinking some ‘gnac, smoking cigars, playing cards, and talking smack.

    @Pserendipity. Ditto! Wild out if you want to, but you best be dressed and ready to go on game day.

  8. Call me a prude but I was against any form of a lap dance. I said I didn’t want any other woman’s ‘private’ juices on MM. Anything else was fine. They went to Vegas for Hangover Part 2, LOL.

  9. Wooo! Have fun Myron! Mr. B went to Atlantic City for his. I didn’t care if they went to strip clubs, or drank their faces off – I didn’t even worry about them getting kicked out of bars or into trouble. My 1 rule? Leave the credit cards home!! He was only allowed to gamble with $X of cash. LOL

  10. I think Bachelor Parties are fine. I would definitely not stand in the way. I do think its best that they occur at LEAST a week prior to the wedding though ! LOL

  11. Have fun Myron!!

    Tim can do whatever he wants, as long as he shows up sober and in uniform at 3:00 on Saturday.

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