Me and my personal shopper (hey Ann!) went looking for jewelry for myself and my bridesmaids for the wedding. It would be a travesty if I wasn’t blinged out so I present our bounty in all it’s bedazzled glory!!

My earrings and cuff bracelet

Ooooooo shiny pretty happy!

The bodice of my dress is heavily beaded so I am not going to wear any type of necklace. I will wear my earrings, my cuff and my hair accessory (whenever I find it!)

Earrings and bracelet for the maids

My bridesmaids dresses are all Tiffany blue in color so the rainbow rhinestones will reflect and pick up the blue in their dresses.

My clutch, I couldn't resist!!

Ann was very pleased with my behavior during this shopping trip. Normally, I lose interest fast with focused shopping but I persevered!!!! I don’t have a strong desire to have to go back again and look for more jewelry. When you are trying to shop for other folks, it’s difficult.

But I think we are done and I have one more thing off my list.

P.S. Picked up my dress today and it fits perfectly. The seamstress showed my mom how to bustle it as well. I hope she was paying attention! LOL!!

P.P.S  I am thinking about getting a reception dress too. My dress is somewhat heavy. The jury is still out on that.


11 thoughts on “Bedazzled!

  1. Bling bling! That clutch is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the pictures!!!!!

  2. The clutch is too cute! Get the reception dress, if you decide not to wear it…either take it back or wear it for another occasion.

  3. Those are nice pieces and I love that clutch! Gimme!

  4. It was a blast ! Yes I was happy you allowed me to be apart of your journey.
    Myron will be floored when he sees the full package !

  5. Very pretty! Nicely done.

    I’m thinking about getting something else for the reception, too. My dress is long, and I’m afraid I will trip on it and rip it (which would be terrible since I want to wear it again after the wedding).

  6. Ahhh I love your bracelet!! I thought about getting a reception dress too since my gown’s bigger than I thought, but it’s just not in our budget. ;(

  7. I love the jewelry! And yes, if you have a heavy dress, a reception dress is a must! You have to be able to dance!

  8. Ooooh, pretty pretty pretty! Gotta love a successful shopping trip!

  9. Love it!!! I have a feeling TravelDiva is gonna love it, too.

  10. Very nice T! Especially that bracelet! Hot, hot, hot!!

  11. Lemme get that bracelet out of ya!

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