I think I am about 95% sure that I won’t be wearing a veil. I tried one on when I initially bought my dress and I really didn’t care for it. The sales consultant put a elbow length veil with a blusher on me and I just didn’t like it. Plus I think that I am too old for one. I guess I associate veils with younger brides, like under 30.  I also asked Myron what he thought about it and his preference was to see me without one. That’s all the confirmation I needed.

So I’ve been looking around at tiaras and headbands instead. I am sure I’ll be wearing my hair up so I thought that would be a nice alternative.

I don’t have a lot of criteria for a tiara other than it should be crystal (bedazzlement is key) and not be tall. I don’t need to look like a college homecoming queen with a 10 inch tall crown!!!

Bridal #FAIL

Now these next few selections are a little more my speed.

This is actually a 3 piece hair comb

Simple and classic

I am really digging this one

Another elegant piece

Understated, nice

A bit floral in design

A wee bit pageanty but I think I could do it

I haven’t pulled the trigger on anything just yet but I will need to make a decision soon.

What are your thoughts on veils or tiaras? Would you wear one? Did you wear one??


19 thoughts on “Unveiled

  1. Why were all the veil models white? I know that has nothing to do with your pick but my racism radar went off.

    Anywho, I like the one you’re digging. I would definitely opt for a headband of sorts versus a veil. I’m just non-traditional but I understand your view.

    No veils for me! (Plus, I’ll be 30 in November and no wedding is in my future)

    • Jurista,

      You raise a very good point and I thought about that as I was selecting images. I will say that there are brides of color that a blogging and certain sites geared toward brides of color but as a general rule the wedding industry media that I have seen disproportionally young and white. I’m not going to blog in my comments but I will point you to a black bride blogger who covered it extensively as she was planning her wedding and that is Dawn over at Happy Nappy Bride. Her link is on my blogroll and she rounds up all her posts about the lack of brides of color on her sidebar.

  2. I like the one you’re really digging too! I want a veil but can’t find one so seeing these is really helpful.

  3. I like 2 and 3. I think if I were getting married I’d wear a bird cage veil or flowers in my hair, but definitely not a traditional veil.

  4. I didn’t want one either – I was just going to go with flowers in my hair. BUT I also have to agree with Ames’s comment… my father has asked for NOTHING in this whole planning process – but he wants to lift my veil at the end of the aisle. I’m just getting the blusher – it’s fingertip length and wide enough to cover 99% of my back too so I’m just going with that – it’ll come off after church though.

  5. I love veils because I enjoy the drama of the lift of the veil. If a bride isn’t wearing one I don’t remember they exist.

    My father lifted my veil and then gave my hand to my husband. I like all those little details at weddings.

  6. I LOVE VEILS!! I have multiple hats with short veils but I’m definitely going for the full drama veil when I get married! For people who don’t want veils, I’m in camp headband. I think bridal headbands are so fab.

  7. I am having the same dilemma! I felt like a bee keeper when the consultant put the veil over my face and my eyelashes kept catching on it…#VEILFAIL

    Anywhoo0000, I like “simple and classic” and I really like the 3 piece one… You could actually wear one of the 3 pieces alone post-wedding on a dress up night.

  8. I like the “understated, nice” one.

  9. I really like the first one. You could also do flowers in your hair.

  10. I wore a birdcage veil. My look was vintage Hollywood. I’m not a big fan of tiaras, but I think #2(simple and classic) is very pretty and would look nice on you.

  11. I like the 3-piece hair comb the best.

  12. I really don’t care for veils, especially really long ones. I can get with tiara’s though. I like the one with the combs and the other one you really like. It stood out to me the most.

  13. Why does that first pic make of think of the HBCU queens that used to be on Ebony???? why do they always wear those huge crowns????? I would wear a veil or not. but I think a bride needs some type of hair decor without one.

  14. I always thought I’d wear a front/face veil, but when I tried a few on, I hated them! I felt trapped with that piece of fabric in front of my face. I started sweating and felt like a hostage or something. My hair was shoulder length at the time, so I had it roller set in large curls.
    Once pinned up, I wore a small tiara and a short (shoulder length), rear only veil.

    I like #3 the best. Very different and pretty. After that, # 1 and #2. # 4 says pageant to me.

  15. I like tiaras (4 & 5 are my favorites here).

    And I have to admit when I first saw this post all I saw was the picture of that big ol’ thing and my jaw dropped. I said a little prayer to the tune of “Pleeeease jesiiis don’t let her wear that monstrosity!” Then I read. 🙂

  16. I like #4 or #5. Simple and elegant like your caption says.

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