Odds And Ends: Monday Morning Edition

I’m going to be busy at the office today but I just wanted to catch you guys up on a few wedding related details that I managed to get taken care of late last week and over the weekend.

  • Pay venue off  – DONE (That was the second largest check I’ve ever written, next to the down payment on my house!)
  • Purchase cake topper – DONE (My mom found one for me at Hobby Lobby)
  • Purchase cake knife – DONE (Mom found one at the same place, Hobby Lobby)
  • Get Myron fitted for tux/give info to groomsmen – DONE (Myron’s been fitted and the dudes know where to go)
  • Purchase flowers/corsages/boutonnieres – DONE (My bridesmaid is ordering calla lillies for everything, they will be silk real touch)
  • Purchase remainder of alcohol for the reception – SEMI-DONE (We have wine already, and my sorority sister will be able to get us 4 cases of beer for FREE!!! Myron wants to get a few more cases of beer and maybe another half case of wine)

Next up this week: I pick up my dress on Wednesday and plan to get jewelry for me and the girls this Friday. I am still debating a veil or not. My food tasting is scheduled for September 1st, I just have to fax in my choices to the venue. Myron and crew are going to Vegas on September 1-3 for his bachelor party entitled “The Hangover, Part 2”. I’m not even going to go there..LOL!!!

So I think I am on track here…the wedding train just keeps rolling on!!


Since I didn’t give you a real post today, I leave you with some delectable delights courtesy of Chef Myron. ENJOY!!!

Cornish Hens with Stuffing

Pot Roast About To Be Cooked In The New Crock Pot


6 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Monday Morning Edition

  1. Droooooool! Those cornish hens look soo gangsta…can’t wait to try his recipe!

  2. Things are coming together nicely!

  3. For real though – you need to tell Myron we’re gonna have to start to get recipes with these pictures. That stuffed Cornish hen looks DEEEELISH!

  4. Woop woop! That Mack Train is rolling through! Can’t wait for the big day!! And send me some of Cornish head with some white rice!

  5. Food p.o.r.n!!

    *slides down the stripper pole*

  6. You are definitely on the ball! I am counting down the days until I get to witness you and Myron officially become “The Macks”!

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