With This Ring….

The wedding band I ordered for Myron came in the mail last night!! I was so excited I jumped up and down like it was Christmas. It’s tungsten with a gold overlay engraved with a Celtic design. It was so inexpensive that I have enough in my personal budget to get him another ring!! Yay! My sweetie will be able to switch the game up from time to time if he likes. The tungsten looks good, and it feels very substantial. He tried it on and it fit well. He had a big smile on his face too.

Here are a few snaps. Excuse the quality, the BlackBerry was handy at the time! 🙂

In the box

My e-ring and his band..aww so happy together!

Hand modelling!!

This band also comes in women’s sizes. If you are interested in getting yourself or your husband one, drop me an email and I will shoot you the link.


12 thoughts on “With This Ring….

  1. I love his ring and I see your ring is Tacori! Me likes!

  2. Looks nice with his skin tone…good work!

  3. Very nice! That wasn’t one of the choices that you posted a few months back, was it?

  4. Ohhhhmigosh I LOVE his band!! Mr. B wanted something with a celtic design too – he ended up with more of a knotted band as opposed to a solid – I know, I still have to take pics too. 😉

  5. Yay! Another item off the checklist AND it’s beautiful to boot!

  6. It’s perfect….sniff !!

  7. Nice! I got MM two rings. The one you saw and a stainless steel ring for during the week since he uses his hands. The work ring is already beat so I’m glad we got 2.

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