Sprinting Towards The Finish Line

This is my final to-do list. What am I missing?

  • Pay off baker
  • Pay off photographer 
  • Pay venue off
  • Pick up dress from David’s Bridal
  • Purchase bridesmaids jewelry
  • Purchase cake topper
  • Purchase cake knife
  • Purchase thank you cards (for shower/wedding gifts)
  • Purchase corsages/boutenierres??
  • Purchase flower for bridesmaids and bride
  • Purchase remainder of alcohol (beer) and check with Tiffany B on free beer
  • Purchase wedding jewelry
  • Purchase wedding shoes
  • Purchase wedding veil or tiara
  • Schedule meeting with DJ
  • Schedule menu tasting
  • Get Myron fitted for tux/give info to groomsmen
  • Write out ceremony
  • Write out vows??
  • Write out program and get printed
  • Book hotel for night of wedding
  • Make decision about honeymoon
  • Meet with Mrs. D. about Day Of Coordination stuff

5 thoughts on “Sprinting Towards The Finish Line

  1. Girl, I’ll tell you the hardest thing after the wedding…to stop whipping out the credit card all willy nilly, because it’s like you said here. You just get so used to paying stuff. Oh, $600? Here you go! You need $1000 for that? No problem. It’s crazy.

  2. Hah – I just made my updated list too… it’s sad isn’t it? How many bullet points start with “Purchase _________” siiiigh.

  3. Schedule mani/pedi/hair appt for day before or morning of?
    Transport for venue to hotel the night of?
    Apply for and pickup marriage license?

  4. Hair and makeup?

    What are you doing the nighte before the wedding. Hotel? Staying home?

    Rehearsal dinner?

  5. That seems like a lot to do. I’m overwhelmed just reading it! You have help completing some of these tasks right?

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