I’ve never been a fan of a touch screen cell phone. I have nails and find it too difficult and frustrating to work with. I am a fan of what the iPhone can do and all the apps available but didn’t like the screen and the fact that I can’t take out the battery when I want to.

So I remain a BlackBerry loyalist. However, on August 12th this comes out:


A touchscreen with a keyboard!!

*cue loud squealing like a teenage girl*

What kind of phone do you have????


13 thoughts on “Feenin’

  1. I have the new iPhone 4! I love being about to Facetalk with my husband throughout the day! I’m an #applefangirl all the way: iPad, Macbook Pro, and iphone 4!

  2. I have a Blackberry.


  3. I’m getting this phone!!! it brings the best of both worlds together cause I didn’t want to give up my BB curve!!!! it’s gotten good reviews and my upgrade is in september.. it will be out about 3 weeks before I do my upgrade LOL

  4. I have a Rumor Touch. It also has a slide out keyboard. At first I didn’t think I would like the touchscreen, but now I love it.

  5. I am a loyal Blackberry user and love having my keyboard. This looks promising 🙂

  6. I have a LG Chocolate Touch. I’m not crazy about the touchscreen and as soon as my year is up, I’m trading it in for something else. Not sure what though. I like that Torch!

  7. I JUST got an iPhone after being #teamblackberry

    When I had to give my work berry back, I felt it was time to go ahead and drop the personal berry too — but looks like I”m getting a blackberry for work as well, so…

    There are little things I miss about the blackberry, like the customizable keyboard shortcuts, and the touchscreen will take some getting used to (I think I’m doing alright) but overall, I’m happy with the iPhone.

  8. #teamiphone4 checking in. I was working for T-Mobile when the Blackberry Curve made it’s first debut, and I didn’t care for it all. It wasn’t user friendly and that durn trackball wore me out!

  9. I’m an iPhone girl. I had a blackberry for work from the early days when it looked like a pager all the way up until last month, but the operating system has never been as easy to use or as complete as my iPhone. When my work finally allowed us to sync our email, contacts and calendars to our iPhones if we wanted, I jumped right on that. It works smooth as butter.

  10. I have a Samsung Blackjack II. I’ve been getting the urge to switch. I said the next time I change phones it would definitely be a Blackberry. While it’s not necessarily a priority right now this bad boy makes me wanna.

  11. That’s very sexy. I love that it has a slide out keyboard. I have Tmobile G1 and it also has a slide out keyboard.

  12. GURL!!! I have a blackberry and I love it. I have an iTouch or whatever it’s called. I love it. But like you, I can’t get with touchscreen keyboards. When I saw that phone over the weekend, I swear I felt my heart melt. LOL I’m with T-Mobile so I won’t be able to get it when it’s released. I need you to get it and let me know how it is. I’ve always said if the iPhone provided a real keyboard, I would have jumped ship long time ago. This is so perfect. I’m excited! Yay Blackberry!

  13. I have a Samsung Moment. Touch screen and has a slide out QWERTY keyboard. I hardly ever use the keyboard. I’m addicted to the touchscreen and swore up and down that I didn’t want a touch screen. Go figure….

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