What’s NOT Hot In The Streets

Breaches of etiquette as observed this weekend:

  • It’s NOT  hot to inform the bride that you got your invitation in the mail (sorority sister A), that you plan to RSVP and that sorority sister B told you to tell me that she was planning to come to the wedding despite the fact that she was not invited. She was not invited for a reason. We aren’t that tight.
  • It’s NOT hot to cross out the number of seats reserved for you on the invite and add extra people. Sir, you are divorced now which is why you got ONE invite. How about calling to ask whether I can accomodate plus ones??
  • It’s NOT hot to have your guests fill out their own envelopes at your baby shower for the thank you notes. Quit being lazy and take the time to write them out or at the least do some labels. It’s not like you don’t already have the addresses!!!!!

That’s all for now. *sigh*


19 thoughts on “What’s NOT Hot In The Streets

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  2. I’ve never thought of the thank you envelopes at showers as an etiquette breach. If I were the guest of honor I’d rather write mine out on my own but unfortunately, SOME people do need extra encouragement to send thank you cards.

  3. Sorority Sister B knows better. Hmpmh.

    Yes, the guest list was the worst part. I think I cried every day the week leading up to the wedding. Especially when Mr. 1969’s mama “forgot” to mention she ran into Mrs. So and So from church and invited her and her daughter. *sigh*

  4. That may be someone’s preference, but not a breech of ettiquette. At a time when things are very busy, it ensures 1) that the hostess knows you came 2) that the hostess knows for sure that she has sent you a thank you care and 3) helps match up gifts when people do not include a card.

    It is improper to add additional guests to an invitation or for someone to include registry information in the invitation but it happens every day.

    • Whenever I have been to parties where there are gifts, someone creates a list of gift + giver, which is then provided to the recipient so that s/he can write thank you notes. I think this makes much more sense than requiring the gift-givers to fill out the envelopes like they’re filling out their reminder cards at the dentist.

  5. Straight up foolishness.

  6. People have nerve!

  7. do you have a crazy aunt or friend? wow, pple are crazy!

  8. I hosted a bridal shower for a friend recently, and had someone rsvp to me and say, “oh tell her (the bride) we’ll be at the wedding, plus my daughter’s boyfriend and my other daughter’s friend. So a total of six of us.” When I said, you should call or rsvp directly to the bride, this woman told me, “well you can just tell her…”

    People are unbelieveable.

  9. I told you that crossing out was going to happen. You said you were ready, so just breathe.

  10. So Ole Girl says she’s coming an.t.way, huh? In the words of this guy I know “We’ll see how that works out for ya.”


  11. These are crazy. Why would Sorority Sister B invite herself to a wedding she wasn’t invited to? And the divorced gentlemen? What’s up with that? Oh, but don’t even get me started on self-addressed thank you envelopes. What’s next? Do I have to write my own thank you to myself, too?

    These people are not right.

  12. Bwahaha! I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Soror B and Divorcee plus ## show up. I hope that you have the most tactful yet ruthless person acting as your hostess for the day. Let me know if I need to come on down and act as your “enforcer”! *lol*

    Um, yeah, my BFF did this for my baby shower and I hated it. I didn’t know until I got there and kept wondering what was taking folks so long to get into the room. I actually tossed them all and prepared the thank you cards that I had already purchased.

  13. I was just at a birthday party where I had to fill out my address. This is the 3rd year I’ve been to this same person’s party. I KNOW you’ve got my address. #grindsmygears

    As for the others, tell them to sit it down somewhere. They are straight foolin’!

  14. Sorority Sister B and so would Mr. Divorcee’ would get embarrassed if I were the hostess. If your name ain’t on the list ma’am/sir…please step to the left of the line.

  15. I have been to many events where folks fill out the envelopes for thank you notes. Especially if the invite was sent via email. I did it at my housewarming. Didn’t know it wasn’t proper etiquette. So be prepared to write your name on an envelope at Doodlebug’s shower! Okthanksbuhbye

  16. Sorority Sister B sent word that she will be attending “anyway”? Tres tacky! She would be in for a rude awakening upon arrival!

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