A Bridal Shower In Pictures

Saturday dawned bright and early. I was nervous because it was the day of my bridal shower. My fear is that no one would show besides me and my hostesses. I was snappy. I was stressed out. It was Africa hot outside.

Then, I got a frantic call from my daddy on my cell. My mama was at a garage sale across the street from my parent’s house and had passed out. The ambulance was on its way..please hurry! Myron and I were coming from breakfast and were about to go get some mani-pedis at the nail shop. He turned the car around and we headed to my folks house. By the time I got there, my mama was on a stretcher in the ambulance getting checked out my the paramedics. She forget to to tell them that her potassium had been low. I told them. They wanted to take her to the hospital as a precaution anyway. So she went. This happened at 12 noon. My shower was at 4. What to do??

I started to cancel but Myron, my dad and my aunt told me not to. So I didn’t.

I’m glad I didn’t too. It was wonderful. I am blessed and loved. I was overwhelmed by the generousity of my friends and family.

My mom is OK, hopefully she will be getting released by the time this post runs. They ran tests and hopefully by the time the cardiologist comes Monday morning, we will have some answers.

So here is my shower…in pictures..and surrounded by love.

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16 thoughts on “A Bridal Shower In Pictures

  1. I am so glad your mom is going to be okay. The shower looked like a fab event. Loved the cake theme and the aprons. You are truly blessed and I am so excited for you and Myron.

  2. So sorry about your mom! I would have been done, too. I’m so emotional. Your shower was lovely, though. At least you were surrounded by additional love to help you not worry about your mother.

  3. Loved the pictures and so glad your mom is ok.

  4. Love the theme idea! How fitting! Hope your mother is doing well and recovering peacefully.

  5. The shower looked amazing ! I hope your mother is on the speedy road to recovery 🙂

  6. everything looks so nice!!! good vibes out to Mama TIH!

  7. What a cute bridal shower! That’s a really creative theme.

  8. Hope all is well with your Mom and what a cute shower/theme!

  9. Beautiful shower! So glad your mother is okay!

  10. Glad to hear your mom’s doing much better. Looks like you had a great shower despite the morning’s craziness. What a gorgeous cake!!!

  11. Looks like you had great time Tiffany. 🙂 I hope your mom is much better.

  12. Glad to hear your mom is okay. Beautiful shower!

  13. Love that cake! I truly appreciate that you’re sharing such an exciting time in your life with the masses. Thanks so much!

    Hope your mom feels better soon!

  14. Awesome! I love the pictures! I’m so glad everything worked out…How is your mom?

    Question: How did you get the slides how into your post? I have tried before without success.

  15. I’m glad to read Mama TIH is going to be alright! Praise God for a good report!! Everyone looks fabulous, and the theme for the shower was creative. Now um…did you save me a piece of cake?

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