You Are What You Eat

Ummm, tasty!

I was perusing the wedding blogosphere and came accross this this intersting post from Serious Eats about imposing the dietary restrictions of the bride and groom onto the wedding guests.

Myron and I will be picking out the menu for the reception at the end of the month and I have to confess I didn’t think much about the dietary needs of our guests. To the best of our knowledge, none of our guests are vegetarian and though I know we have a few that don’t eat pork, I don’ t think that there will be anything that would prohibit the guests from being able to eat something. From a cultural standpoint, I think my people wold have my hide if there were no protein served!!

We are fortunate that our package covers 3 appetizers (2 cold and 1 hot), the salad, a starch, a vegetable and 2 entrees OR an entree and a carving station. Bread, coffee, tea, soda and water are incuded standard.

A few months ago, I took a little time to sketch out some sample menus but I  haven’t run them by Myron yet. When we were looking for venues we tasted the food at our venue’s sister property and it was pretty good.  I think the folks that come to our wedding will leave full of good food and drank. We like to eat well, so they should too.

If you were getting married, would you choose your menu based on your preferences or would you take your guests into consideration??

From the guest standpoint, what annoys you the most about the food at weddings?


18 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. We’re pescatarians (no meat but seafood) but we’re serving some chicken and some beef…otherwise someone might go home, fry some chicken, and come back…LOL.

  2. We are foodies. We love great food and would much rather have our guests leave full and happy than dancing the night away (which is what happened!). I was a STRICT vegetarian in the 90’s and weddings were always disasterous. Never a decent option, or I was stuck eating the mashed potatoes and green beans (both of which I love), but was always starving. So for our wedding, I wanted to make sure the vegetarian option was decent (oh, I can’t tell you the horrid veggie/pasta dishes I have endured!).
    A lot of people are saying they hate buffets, but I don’t think they are so bad, particularly for those with dietary restrictions. For me, I would bypass the chicken cordon bleu and head to the green beans and scalloped potatoes. At a buffet, there’s plenty of sides so someone isn’t starving, versus a seated dinner with fewer options and plated portions.
    I say if ou’re having a sit-down, offer a vegetarian selection. If you’re doing a buffet, don’t worry about it.
    Additional restrictions like Vegan or wheat allergies – they are on their own!

  3. If it’s a southern wedding I hate San Francisco food. I want southern food.

    I hate those 2 hour wait times between wedding and meal time.

    I really could care less about wedding food, I want cake. Something about wedding cake. It’s always the best cake ever. I hate when they cut the cake so late that most guests are gone.

    Since cakes are a huge part of my wedding pleasure I made sure to cut it early and had the servers, serve everyone.

  4. I’m with some of the other girls here. I hate it when I look out and there’s other finished before I’ve even been served. I don’t like it when it’s cold and I hate when it runs out buffet or cocktail hour. There will be plenty food at our wedding.

    I also agree with you on the $$ thing. Things might have to be “good enough” but not “spectaular”. I’d love to, but we can’t afford it. Some people are big on food, some aren’t. Personally, I want my guests coming away saying, “Woah, I had an amazing time! We danced all night! My feet are killing me!” – not – “that pate at cocktail hour was to die for”.

  5. food served late/tasteless.. if I were getting married I would probably wouldn’t serve a vegetarian option unless I knew specifically of those that were vegetarian. My biggest concern would be that it was something good yet healthy LOL I like to eat and enjoy my food.. and it’s been my experience at weddings the bride & groom never get to eat LOL for my sis and bro’s wedding we had a light buffet for them in each of their suites before the ceremony for them and the wedding party

  6. I loathe buffets. I hate having to serve myself. A plated meal is so much “classier”.

    It’s important that to food taste good and be at the right temperature. It doesn’t have to be fancy food but it should be tasty, so for goodness sake please taste the food before you select it.

  7. I do not like buffets at weddings. A plated, served meal is best. The reception food I remember the most is one where it was surf and turf. I know these people spent a grip because we had filet mignon and salmon. There were a few vegetarian dishes served, but most people had the combined entree. That was some good eating right there. Also, I love when the couple included entree choice cards in the wedding invitation. That way the caterer or whomever knows how much of each type of dish to prepare based upon the responses of the guests. I know that is expensive to do.

  8. I expect all the food to be served at the same time and in a timely manner. You shouldn’t see tables finished and others still haven’t been served. Most importantly, I need the food to be GREAT. Not okay or good, GREAT. I’m one of those people who lives to eat. I think a lot about every meal and get crazy over special occasion meals. I know I will remember that food for the rest of my life and I want it to be for a good reason. I want people to feel like their horizons have been expanded and THEY LOVE IT!! I like foodie food and if that means subjecting people to that, so be it. I do want a delicious vegetarian option, though.

    • @Jameil: You have an interesting perspective because we are foodies too. We love great food experiences. But to have GREAT food at a wedding reception where you are expecting over a hundred people (I’ve invited 160 so far) you really have to SPEND. So, we are having food that will be pretty good but not stellar. Hopefully our guests will cut us a little slack.

  9. I chose our menu based on our preferences, but I did try to have as much variety as possible. I don’t eat beef or pork, so I made sure I had a chicken dish plus plenty of veggies. When I go to wedding, I don’t mind buffets although I don’t go to them when I go out to eat. I understand an buffet is the most inexpensive way to feed a big group of people. But, it should be setup so that the “traffic” flows, and guests are standing around for 15 mins trying to get to the buffet.

  10. I eat before weddings too. I don’t eat beef or pork, used to be a vegetarian and I don’t really expect anyone to accommodate my eating habits. So really, nothing irritates me about wedding food ’cause I’m already full. As long as the cake is good, I’m good.

  11. I don’t like self-serve buffets. Too many people standing and breathing and picking over my food. I don’t like buffets when they call tables either. I just don’t like buffets. There it is.

    We did a plated meal service and served seafood. For the two people who didn’t eat seafood because of allergies, we had a pasta dish ready for them.

    I think you can have a vegetarian reception without people really realizing if you have pastas and sauces. I eat a lot of veggie-only/vegan stuff regularly so it wouldn’t stick out to me that there was no meat.

  12. Tim and I have a Chick-Fil-A Wedding tradition. We always stop there between the wedding and the reception.

    In any case, it annoys me when I have to wait so long to eat. This is why we have decided to serve guests immediately after the ceremony ends, while we’re out taking pictures. We’re going to order food for our sides of the wedding party to be delivered to wherever we are before the wedding starts so we won’t all be standing at the altar hungry as hell and rushing through things so we can eat.

  13. Number one is definately when this food is served late. Don’t ask me to get there at 6 and starve me until after 8.

  14. Running out of food, food not seasoned well, or it being cold. Like OneFromPhilly, I eat before going so I’m not the angry B– in the corner.

  15. When the food is served late, or after getting cold, or is tasteless.

    I always eat at home before a wedding just in case. LOL

  16. When they run out before all of the guest are served.

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