Odds And Ends: The Monday I Need Some Coffee Edition

Good morning ya’ll. I don’t really have much to report today. I am sleepy, probably pre-menstrual and drinking the first cup of coffee for the day. I deliberately took the week off from wedding planning last week and generally just unplugged from the matrix and spent time with Myron and his family this past weekend. Friday, we met some friends for drinks and appetizers. Saturday, we had a luau at his brother’s house with a full Tex-Mex spread complete with chicken and beef fajitas, enchiladas and all the fixings. Saturday night we hit a pool party and we both got hangovers from cheap vodka and rum. Sunday was spent in recovery and Myron prepared a fabulous dinner. (Smokie, I will post a food pic tomorrow, I promise! LOL!!)

I have started getting back RSVPs and I am very excited about that. Checking the mail box is like getting Christmas presents everyday. I need to check my list and see what tasks I have to get started on now seeing how we are less than 60 days out.

My bridal shower is also this weekend so I need to get prepped for that and pick up some gifts for my hostesses..I’m still at a loss for that so ideas that are cute, quick and inexpensive are welcomed.  I need a relaxer like nobody’s business.

And for those of you that manage people, Monday morning is never a good time to send out an email saying that all the time writing codes have changed and that folks need to go back in and re-code all their back time sheets. Especially when some folks send in their time sheets to get PAID on Mondays. That was a managerial epic fail.

Now that I am done with my ramblings, how was ya’ll’s weekend??

I leave you with two very good posts, one about marriage and the other about divorce.  These are excellent words from Karen and MochaPeach. Enjoy!!!

2 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: The Monday I Need Some Coffee Edition

  1. Ummm, you have a double paragraph up in hea. LOL. You must really be tired.

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