Life at the Office

Some random thoughts that I had while working today:

  • I was getting ready for work this morning and I was talking to Myron about how being married seems to carry more weight and gives a bit more validity than being single does, in an office environment. If I have to duck out of a meeting and take a call, no one bats an eye if you say: “I need to take this, it’s my husband (or my kid).”  I don’t think that same situation would go over the same if I had said that the call was from my boyfriend.  When I was single, managers sometimes assumed that I had no issue with working late because I didn’t have anyone to go home to other than my four walls. That used to make me mad. Still does. There can definitely be a stigma to being single, combined with some envy I think.
  • There is always a traffic jam in the women’s restroom during lunch and right before it’s time to go home.
  • I think it’s funny as hell when co-workers who speak another language other than English can be speaking in English during a conversation and then abruptly switch to their native tongue when a certain other colleague walks into the breakroom.
  • I need to roam the building so I can find my private place to go to the restroom. Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about.
  • Someone complained to Facilities on my admin yesterday because she placed a note on some bottled water meant for the workshops going on, asking for others not to drink it. The office is elementary school for grown-ups.

That’s all the random office thoughts I got..what say you???


6 thoughts on “Life at the Office

  1. I am the only one in my office without an office.

    It is always set on artic freeze in this joker.

    I am also the only black. You know we don’t do cold. LOL

    There are three offices directly across from me-My boss, co-worker and wierd dude.

    Wierd dude is always belching!

    My boss is always spazzing. I just look at her sometimes until she finishes.

    No one understand that when they are all on speaker phone, I literally can’t concentrate enough to read my own driver’s license.

    I told the the HR lady, I am going to turn my radio up to full blast and when they give me the fuzzy eyebrow tell them “Now you know how I feel when you are on speaker phone”. Why? Because you have an office. With what? A door that closes. USE IT!!!

  2. My manager just took off a full week to visit her NEW boyfriend’s sick dad out of town. I think she’s used to being married (recently divorced after 25 years) and she doesn’t understand that “husband” and “boyfriend” are two totally different entities in the work place. She didn’t realize that everyone thinks she’s crazy for TELLING us that she’s taking off to be with her boyfriend and his dad. LOL

  3. I’m constantly picking up my phone “talking to myself” when I hear certain people nearing my office door. And if I don’t hear them before I see them, I STILL pick up the phone, dial my home number, and start talking like I’m on the phone with a client. I don’t care if the co-worker knows it’s a front — as long as they don’t stop and chill in my office!

  4. Some of these youngins in this office wear the HOTTEST shoes. I might have to befriend the one that wears my size.

    Some of those same youngins wear clothes that are entirely too tight. She looks like a sausage.

    They are so self centered and full of themselves, girls and guys. They make good money, wear nice clothes and all morning on Mondays talk about they fun weekend they had. I heart them. They remind me of ME 25 years ago. LOL

    There are 4 people in this office who talk so loudly that I’m almost tempted to join in their conversation.

    I was divorced for over 1 year before I told anyone here. I had to tell them when I started letting my S/O meet me at the job. I didn’t want them to think that he was the other man.

    LMAO…they told me that that’s just what they were thinking.

    Some days I can get my work done in 2 hours. Rarely do I do that. I stretch it out all day. Boredom is dangerous.

    My cubicle neighbor chews her potato chips with her mouth open. EGADS!
    Now she’s eating pork skins……..

  5. I always went to a restroom on another floor where nobody knew my name. LOL!

  6. I know what you mean about the restroom. I always prefer the light traffic ones….plus, they’re cleaner.

    And from someone who has been “single” for 5 years (read: dating Mister) I know the feeling. It is easier to refer to husband and they know. If I say Mister’s name, I get question marks and blank stares. It is a DOUBLE stigma that I have a kid. When I talk about Buddha and his dad, everyone is always surprised. I know what they’re thinking: they assumed I was a single mom and raising Buddha by myself.

    Mister and I have talked about that as well when it comes to his job. He’s even hesitant to take time off for me b/c the explanation is his “girlfriend” and not his “wife”.

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