Invitation Drama with My Mama

UPDATE: I sent out the RSVPs with no response date on them. I uploaded and printed the wrong version. I totally FAIL. I am now officially distraught.

 The invitations have been sent!!!! They are with the US Postal Service and in the hands of little baby Jesus. I got a couple of texts that they have already been received by some but the process to send them out was not without a little pain. I hope to NEVER have to go through that traumatic experience again! LOL!

I arrived at my mom’s house at 9AM, primed and ready for battle. I had my materials in hand and I was ready to rumble!!! I woke my Mom up, fueled up with some kolaches and coffee and got to work.

My first task was to cut the information cards from the card stock I had them printed on. There are were 4 to page so quite a bit of cuttage was going on. By the time my Mom finally got up, cleaned up and ate a bit, I was ready for her to get on task with her assignment.

I ordered 200 invites and 250 postcard RSVPs. The back of the postcard RSVPs needed to be stamped with the stamp I had made with my return address. (That is another story in itself, full of f*ckery by the idiots at Office Depot.) I got Mom to stamping, while I got kept cutting. We made speedy progress and by 11AM we were ready to stuff the envelopes.

Me and mama putting in WORK!

I had Mom stuffing the invite and info card into the envelopes and then put the return address labels on. I was numbering the back of the postcards and writing down the numbers to correspond to the guest address labels since my genius self left my Excel spreadsheet (already numbered, mind you) at home. Can you say #BRIDALFAIL????

Invite suite, brief and to the point

After we get ALL that done, I get ready to stuff the postcards into the envelopes and they ARE TOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cue the BRIDAL MELTDOWN!!! I called everyone but the fire department (well not really but I felt like I did). What to do?? What to do?? Myron is texting and stressing me out, I’m about to pass the hell out and I have RSVPs too big for the damn envelopes!!!!!

So I finally made the executive bridal decision to shave some off the bottom so they would fit. I didn’t have much choice. Re-ordering would have taken another week and I have an RSVP deadline of August 31st. I had to give folks time to respond.

So I cut some  of the bottom off with some scissors and nearly cried. My cutting skills are rusty. Please see exhibit A below:

Bastardized RSVP card

My family is really nice. They said it didn’t look bootleg. I sent a copy to my friend Nicole who actually designed the card for me and she said it didn’t look that bad. She was being nice too. They do wonders for my self esteem.

Sooooo, me and mom rolled out to FedEx Office to have them professionally cut down. We arrive there to find out they don’t do that but we were welcome to use their paper cutter in the back that is available to the public. So that is what I did. We spent an hour cutting down the postcards to size and then putting them in the right envelopes. I will admit that the paper cutter made the cards look a bit better because there was a nice straight edge and I was able to leave a bit of the brown border at the bottom. A bride’s gotta do what she gotta do. *kanye shrug*

Lastly, we set out for the post office in the blazing heat and I buy $72 worth of stamps and after that, we commandeer a table in the post office and get to stamping and licking. This is what 90 invitations look like after being stamped and licked.

Ready to be set free!

I dropped them in the mail slot at 3:21 PM CST. I would have gotten a shot of me mailing them but some man was behind us breathing down our necks! (Hater!) They were a full day’s work but so worth it in the long run. I got the invitations I wanted and they don’t look like anyone else’s.

So now it’s for real, ya’ll. The invites are out and this party is about to get started. The countdown to September 26th is on!


17 thoughts on “Invitation Drama with My Mama

  1. Kudos to you for getting this done! The invites look awesome (shaved bottom and all). Now had I cut those bad boys they definitely would have been all jacked up. I’m a card carrying member of the “I can’t cut a straight line (even when it’s dotted and I’m using a paper cutter) to save my life” club.

    As for the RSVP date. Something tells me you’ll be hunting folks down anyway. Pat yourself on the back for rolling with the punches and a job well done.

  2. I think you and your mom did a wonderful job. Cut yourself some slack!

  3. I wasn’t just being nice, I *STILL* say that the cut down cards look fine!!! And I will accept partial responsibility for not double checking the envelope size before I agreed with the postcard size. 🙂

  4. They look great. WOW you have done alot!!
    People never remember to RSVP anyway until a month before. No one will even notice that a RSVP date wasn’t on there.

  5. I think you did a great job! They’re gorgeous. Try not to stress too much about the missing date.

  6. Congrats and check that right off the to do list. If anyone is looking at your invitations that closely, they need to get a hobby!

    You did a great job!

  7. Oh…and regarding the date mishap…don’t say a word now but two days before the date you had in mind, start contacting those you haven’t heard from. They will understand the mishap unless they are those perfect people and that should be NO.ONE SINCE NOBODY IS PERFECT.


  8. I think they are beautiful and since no one will receive two invitations they will never know they weren’t supposed to look like that.

    If anyone does…tell them they are more than welcome to re-order you guys a rush custom order at their expense.

  9. Your invites look great! And I promise no one will notice… and if they do, whatev! Kudos on getting a major tasked completed.

  10. I’m not trying to discount that you’re upset about not having the response date on there. But I can tell you FOR A FACT that people don’t look at that stuff anyway. The folks who are responsible will get back to you, the ones who think that you “know” they’re coming won’t send it back in and you’ll spend all sorts of time trying to hunt them down anyway.

    Put the date on your wedding website, because folks will go there as soon as they get their invite. But if your people are anything like my people, those numbers with the capital letters in front of them (RSVP date) mean nothing to them!

    You’ll be ok. You didn’t fail. You rock.

  11. The reply cards look fine. I know you probably spent hours picking just the right one, but the truth is ain’t nobody looking at that bad boy that hard but you. lol.

    And I hope this isn’t a dumb question but why didn’t you get the stamps with the self adhesive?

  12. YAY!!!! and really, no one will even notice it. everything looks great and u’ve accomplished a MAJOR FEAT!!

    im jealous however that i didnt see your invites before i ordered mine because i love the “we’ve reserved __ seats in your honor” line…SHUCKS!

    anyway, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Ahhh yes – I too stood in the post office, stuffed, licked & stamped everything – it ain’t fun. But at least you got them out, they’re done – it’s a HUGE thing to cross off your list. Now’s the fun part — getting the RSVP’s back. It’s like Christmas in your mailbox. LOL

  14. Yippee! Keep knocking that to-do list down.

  15. I agree, I don’t think anyone will notice that. Good job!

  16. Woo hoo!! Happy you made it through the day without a full meltdown. The invitations are lovely! And please believe, that no one will notice that the cards have been altered because they have not clue what the original looked like. =) On to the next task!

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