Imagine this is me, except browner.

I am officially tired of weddings.

I am tired of planning.

I wake up thinking about this wedding.

I go to bed thinking about this wedding.

I actually woke up Sunday morning after having a nightmare about this wedding. Myron thought I was crazy.

I truly had no idea what goes into putting together an event of this sort, wanting it to turn out nicely, and trying to consider the opinion of several people.

In addition to that, I started a new job last week that I can tell is going to be pretty mentally demanding. Fabulous. :-/

I am becoming somewhat snappy.

The invitations were not sent out this weekend, as I planned to because I have not finished the enclosures. But I can’t press the pause button because my RSVP  date is August 31st.

This really sucks. If I didn’t have so much money in this thing, I swear I’d go to the courthouse. Like yesterday.

I’m tired of having to think wedding. I’d rather do marriage.

I think I’m looking forward to September 27th.

That is when there will be no more wedding to plan.



15 thoughts on “Burnout

  1. You’ll make it and better than that, you’ll be so happy you arranged for all of your friends and fam to join you on your day.

  2. You will get it done and it’ll be a fabulous wedding.

  3. You have the right idea, the marriage is what matters most, not the wedding. I am sure everything will be just fine come September. Take a moment for yourself right now, maybe some pampering (facial, massage, etc) and then relax, release and regroup. At the end of this tunnel is a wonderful life with your new husband !

  4. GIRL! We are so on the same page, blogged about it this AM! Can’t friggin’ sleep! If I didn’t have the equivalent of a nice used vehicle wrapped up in this thing, I’d go on our honeymoon early and get married on the beach! As it is, no one asks me how I AM doing anymore, it’s “how’s the planning”. UGH!

  5. Take a time-out to refresh your mind, body and spirit. Something totally not related to wedding planning.

  6. Oh honey, I’m right there with you. I’m so over this. Our invites went out this weekend. We were so pressed for time I barely was able to take any pics and we ended up stuffing envelopes IN the post office.

    I keep asking Mr. B why we need all this “stuff” just to get married. I just want to BE married.

    I keep telling myself that it’s a pain in the @$$ now but the day will awesome and I’ll be glad I did all the work. At some point, I just can’t let it stress me out anymore.

  7. Hang in there! You don’t have much longer to go.

  8. I remember getting to this same point two weeks before my wedding. I was soo tired of thinking about it. I just wanted to elope. Believe me it’s natural. Wedding planning takes of a lot of time so it’s only right that you get to the point where you get tired of it. Take a day off from the planning, which will give you a little vacation, but not throw you off of your schedule.

  9. This post broke my heart. Hang in there! The good thing is, you have an exact date for when the madness will end. There IS light at the end of tunnel and the reward is worth every bit of stress you’re experiencing.

    Woo, woo, woo {{{{hugs}}}}

  10. You took the words right out of my mouth and I’ve been planning for even less time than you. Once you get those invitations out, take a wedding-free day. You need it.

  11. It happens/happened to all of us. No worries. You’ll get it done. Oh…and if you don’t…you’ll still get married.

  12. Relax. Relate. Release.

  13. Deep breaths and calm thoughts girlie! You’re almost on the other side. Email me and let me know how I can help.

  14. LOL – you have officially hit the wall. You’re almost there. Deep breaths, sister 😉

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