Odds and Ends: The Wedding List Update

I originally blogged this list on May 21, 2010.  I had quite a bit left to do.

I am re-posting this list today, July 16, 2010, showing that I have indeed made some progress. Check it out.


I was mentally running down my wedding checklist and thinking of the things that I’ve gotten done so far. So far we have:
  • selected wedding colors
  • secured a venue and a wedding date
  • ordered and picked up my dress
  • picked bridesmaids/ordered dresses
  • picked groomsmen
  • designed the invitations
  • set up a registry (Target)
  • set up a wedding blog
  • took engagement pictures
The things that have yet to be done include:
  • finish building our wedding website and publish
  • order enagement photobooks for parents
  • reserve hotel room blocks (HOTELS IDENTIFIED, NEED TO BLOCK ROOMS)
  • set up registry (Bed, Bath and Beyond)
  • find and book cake vendor  (VENDOR SELECTED, BOOK IN AUGUST)
  • book the wedding photographer (I have 2 in mind)
  • set up a meeting with the DJ (gifted to us by a groomsman) (DJ CONTACTED, JUST NEED TO SET UP MEETING)
  • help my mom find her dress
  • get my dress altered
  • get tuxes booked for the guys
  • shop for and purchase Myron’s wedding band
  • finalize verbiage and get invitations printed for mail out
  • compile and edit the guest list and get addresses
  • get bridesmaids jewelry
  • get groomsman gifts
  • research honeymoon options

Additional items to do:

  • purchase beer and wine
  • work on ceremony order of service
  • meet with Day Of Coordinator
  • design/print programs
  • select menu
  • turn in final guest count
  • work with venue staff on table set up and placement

Am I forgetting anything else????


5 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: The Wedding List Update

  1. You should read this when you get burned out. I read this after your burnout post and thought – you are really almost to the finish line. It’s probably just the desire to have it stop consuming your life that’s driving you nuts now. Just think, before your 90 day probation period is up at your job, it will all be over!

  2. Looking good TIH!

  3. Doesn’t if feel good to cross stuff off??? Did I miss florist for bouquets and bouts? Or, are you DIYing them?

  4. Looking good lady! Off the top of my head, the only thing that comes to mind is – what’s your transportation plan? Don’t see that listed as a to do or done item. I’ll re-read later and see what else stands out.

  5. You have been a busy little beaver.

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