I Got Mail!

After the debacle with FedEx, my invites and my photo book came in the mail yesterday. Take a look see.

I am really pleased with the photo book and how it turned out. I opted for the linen look cover and it’s very professional looking. I will be using MyPublisher again.

My friend Nicole  did an awesome job on the invitations. I used VistaPrint for the printing and ordered 200 invites. I am still waiting on the RSVP postcard to come in a few days because I did some editing to the file and ordered them a day or so later than I ordered the invites. I am pleased with how they turned out as well. I didn’t have the funds for a huge invite suite and quite frankly didn’t think we needed all of that. We will have the invitation, RSVP postcard, information card and that’s pretty much it. Plain white envelopes were included with the order and because they are regular sized, I won’t need to pay extra postage for oversized envelopes. SCORE!!!

Invite Front

Invite Back


12 thoughts on “I Got Mail!

  1. I love your color scheme on the invites! Now that I have the photos from our reception, I’m going to do photo books for our parents, and a keepsake photo book for us.

  2. Wow, both are quite impressive!!

  3. I used Vista Print for a couple things and they worked out great…cheap and fast! Everything looks good lady…you’re getting close!

  4. The book and the invitations look great. Let me know what you think of VistaPrint. I’ve been reading lately about complaints that people who used one of their promotion codes are discovering fees from them on their credit cards later, only to be told that they had signed up for various promotions that they didn’t sign up for.

  5. PERFECT!!!!! 🙂

  6. Invitations are gorgeous!!! and I like the photobook!!! one of the other parents on my son’s team turned me on to them.. now I know what I will be doing with my pictures from nationals after seeing your finished product!!!

  7. The colors look great together. And the photos are so clear. You did a good job.

  8. Oooh – pretty. With the headache we had I wish we just did our invites on Vistaprint too. Fantastic idea! 🙂

  9. Your invitations are absolutely GORGEOUS! Good job! I love photobooks, too! Gave my mom one for Mother’s Day this year and plan to do another one.

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