Stand By Me

The four women I have asked to be my bridesmaids are all very special to me. I have known all of them over a decade and one of the ladies I’ve known since the 7th grade. They are very gracious in spending their time and their hard earned money to be in our wedding and also put together a bridal shower for me. I also have a couple of other special friends who will be working with my bridesmaids to help with the shower and have just generally been a blessing to me with not only their friendship, but their time and wise counsel.

As typical of many brides, I am getting their jewelry for them as a small token of my thanks. However, I would like to do something else for them that won’t break the bank but would be useful and that would be liked by all. And because I have the other ladies helping with the shower that aren’t standing up in the wedding, I’d like to try to get a gift for them too.

I’m at a loss, all the stuff that comes in the mail in the bridal gift catalogs is cheesy and way too expensive. I’m a late thirties bride as are ALL of my bridesmaid/shower hostesses so I am not going to give them embroidered hoodies that say “Bride’s Entourage” or some sh*t like that.

Hell to the naw!!!

My girls would cuss me smooth out!!!

Any suggestions for inexpensive, tasteful gifts for grown ass women would be appreciated. LOL!!!!


11 thoughts on “Stand By Me

  1. I just helped a friend do this for her bridal party and hostess’. she got them a traditional gift (jewelry) and then another personalized gift. The personalized gift was something that reminded her of that personal specifically and she added a personal note to the gift box. Some received stationery, some received candles, a few received a gift card. I helped her make the gift boxes (got at michaels) and decorated them.

  2. Yeah, I would cuss you out for the entourage gear, sorry. It’s not really a gift if it’s not something they’d buy for themselves or actually wear again!

    I was a hostess for one bride on a budget. She got us each a bottle of our favorite wine wrapped in pretty ribbon. She also wrote beautiful individual notes about what she appreciated about each of us and a memory she had of a time we shared together. She included a picture of the two of us together from back in the day! Thoughtful and inexpensive. We already have so much stuff, sometimes something from the heart is better than more “stuff”.

  3. Well. *I* happen to LOVE the tracksuit with Bridesmaid across the fanny idea. Hmph. LOL
    But I SUPPOSE I wouldn’t mind really cute monogrammed makeup clutch or train case or stationary.

  4. Yeah – I feel the same way. My girls are all different ages 18-33 so I have to get something pretty universal. Jewlery is always acceptable but it’s not my fave. I’m doing a bunch of personalized things. Hangers, stationary and makeup bags – then throwing in a pashmina & maybe an inexpensive tote bag & some cute earrings (that they do not have to wear day of the wedding).

    Check out my blog for other ideas I had too.

  5. oh…i found these items on i love this place.

  6. i’ve seen alot of cute clutches and monogrammed NICE makeup bags that im thinking of getting. i got two vintage rings for two of my friendors (friend + vendor) and am looking for more for vintage jewelry for the bridesmaids.

  7. I was the MOH in my bestie’s wedding and of course she did the jewelry but she gave us coupons to a spa for a mini relaxation session that was truly inexpensive but the store lucked out too because of course we added extra services that we JUST couldn’t live without so we paid for them as well. She also gifted us monogrammed letter opener/pen set.

    These seem like expensive gifts but they really was not…she’s a DIY to the fullest so she bargain shopped online til she find her price lol

  8. I’m with SLS – I love personalized stationary. I recently bought a few sets of personalized notecards for my 3 best girlfriends that live out of town, just as a little, “Hey, I miss and love you guys”. Had them shipped to me first to inspect and check the quality – I was very pleased and all the ladies loved them. There was 40% sale recently, but it looks like 30% now. I got each set of cards (w/envelopes) for about $10 (free shipping) Check out the clearance section –

    • Had a mailer in my mailbox when I came home tonight with a code for 40% off through July 31. In case you decide to go this way, the code is SUPERHOT

  9. This won’t appeal to everyone, but I *love* good paper and I have a collection of various high quality paper and letterpress cards and such that I use to write personal notes. (I could live here: When I’ve helped with weddings (I don’t do bridesmaid duty, sorry) and people have asked me what I would like, I’ve asked for stationary.

    So maybe you could give them personalized stationary. Just my .01 cent.

  10. Lurker Checking in……I was a hostess for my cousin wedding two weeks ago. She gave us these embroidered little sacks with our names on them. She places little things in the bag… soap, our wedding jewelry, etc…. The bag really came in handy the night of the wedding… was a great way to store my shoes when I changed to my flats to keep dancing the night away. It was personalized and I am still using it.

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