Switching Things Up

So I alluded in yesterday’s post (do I still have any readers??), that I had a bit of news about our pre-marital counseling. Well, we have decided not to continue on with the counseling that is offered at our current church.  Why, you may ask?? Well there are a couple of reasons.

  1. I have asked my uncle to marry us, he has agreed to do so, and as a result he requires his own counseling sessions. We aren’t going to go to 2 separate counseling sessions. That’s just not going to happen. We are going to meet with my uncle on Saturdays and he requires four 2 hour sessions.
  2. Our instructor cancelled last week’s class because of weather. We missed a session on our own. Therefore, we are already 2 sessions behind at this point and in order to complete the course we would have to pick those sessions up at the end. We’ll be damn near married by that point!!
  3. We aren’t really getting what we thought out of the class. The personal inventories and questionnaires are good for self-reflection but I don’t think we are getting enough real life application thus far. The book is outdated and while God’s word and scripture is timeless, the material is in need of an overhaul, to say the least.
  4. Twelve weeks is just TOO DAMN LONG for any type of class where I am not getting a grade!

So we start counseling with my uncle on July 31st. I still plan to blog about what we learn in those sessions as well. Stay with me and of course, continue to pray for us.

15 thoughts on “Switching Things Up

  1. I was interested in hearing what the thrice married lady had to say. Oh well….

    I think our pre-marital counseling totaled 12 weeks with 8 weeks being group and 2 marital counseling sessions between 6 months and 1 year of marriage. It was enjoyable- it was also the only time we lived in the same city prior to getting married. I’d love to box up our course and give it to anyone who wanted it.

    As enjoyable as premarital was, the early marital counseling was more useful. I think you should look for a counselor that fits you guys and go 6 months to a year. At that point you still have that love will conquer it all attitude but you will probably have had some run ins. The marital counseling can be so encouraging and give you good strategies that fit your personal dynamics.

  2. I’m weak as hell @ “# Twelve weeks is just TOO DAMN LONG for any type of class where I am not getting a grade!”..>I feel you, though.

  3. Wow, my church just required 3 short sessions.

  4. Our counseling session was a one-on-one with the pastor for a couple of hours. That’s it. It was very focused on who we were and our beliefs. The main thing I got out of it: the pastor told my hubby if our marriage fails, its his fault. I LOVE that pastor!

  5. My cousin went to a 12 week session and if you missed one they wouldn’t marry you. She thought it was good because it made them think and talk about a lot of things together, but you need to find what is right for you.

  6. 12 weeks? Wow. That would take the patience of Job.

  7. I want to find one if those weekend couples workshops. Somewhere at a beachfront location. I think a weekend or four days would be great. I’m taking a 12 week stats class and I barely have interest in that, so I know 112 weeks of couples counseling is a no go for me 🙂

  8. Aw man – is it like college, can you transfer the hours you already spent in the 1st class over to the new class for credit?! LOL I’m sooooo glad ours is over. 😉

  9. I don’t think I would have liked a class/workshop environment. I would need for it to just be the two of us and focusing on things we could relate to. Glad you guys are finding what works for y’all!

  10. What works for you two is what is important! I am glad you have an alternative!

  11. My cousin is marrying us. I’m giving his little counseling section 30 minutes tops.

  12. 12 weeks is way too long…… mine was 3 sessions for 2 hours

  13. WOW…12 weeks IS like a semester!

  14. I laughed at the line about 12 being too much when there is no grade involved. My new member’s class at church was 12 weeks and now this class I’m taking is 12 weeks. It doesn’t bother me b/c I signed up for it and hopefully I’m getting something out of it that is worth more than a grade to me.

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