Odds and Ends: The Post Holiday Edition

Hey all, how was the Fourth of July weekend? What did ya’ll do? My weekend was pretty low key. My sweetie  took off Thursday and Friday for a 4 day  weekend and I enjoyed having him at home. His baby sister was in town on vacay so we hung out with her and the in-laws for a visit to the Breakfast Klub and then took her out solo for some sushi. We spent a rainy (monsoon-like) Thursday afternoon in Bed, Bath and Beyond doing another registry to the tune of 230 (!) items. On the actual July 4th holiday, we ate BBQ at the in-laws and had some margaritas on the patio at a local Tex-Mex joint.


I pulled the trigger on ordering the invitations last night. Should be here in a week or so. I am cutting it close time line wise so I had to get it moving. My RSVP deadline is August 31st.


I talked to the private baker who works out of her home. Her work is very good. Her pricing…er..um…is actually a little MORE expensive than what we were quoted by the Cake Affairs folks. I’m going to go with my mom to Sam’s to give them a once over but I think we’re sold on Cake Affairs.


I have an update on our pre-marital counseling for ya’ll but I’m gonna hold the details for a longer post tomorrow.


Ya’ll remind me that I need to take my dress in this week for alterations, OK???


Tell me something good in the comments. Vacation plans???


4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: The Post Holiday Edition

  1. I just got back from my Vaca and can barely keep my eyes open! I need a weekend of chillin’ like a villan.


  3. 230? uh, can i just borrow your registry? LOL! we went to Target and i think there’s 15 items on it. and we had to work hard for those. we are obviously slacking!

  4. We drove down to Ft. Lauderdale for the weekend. Saturday morning we did our beach bum thing and hung out on the beach. Then Saturday night we hung out with some of my husband’s friends from high school. It was great to see him really enjoy himself and relax with people he’s know for over 20 years. On Sunday some of my in-laws had a BBQ and fireworks. It was nice…but, I’m exhausted now 🙂

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