Can Marriage Be Taught???

This just came across my radar this morning. This article talks about the rise of marriage education classes and if they aiding in preventing divorce. It’s good food for thought and since we are taking our pre-marital classes right now, I thought it was a good follow up.

Here’s the Washington Post article. Take a minute to give it a read. Let me know your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Can Marriage Be Taught???

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  2. I doubt if this is something we would ever need to do. We both had a pretty good idea of what we wanted marriage to be and NOT to be based on what we saw with our parents.

    I think marriages fail today because people are fickle and want everything to be easy. Hard work seems to turn people off and they would rather just say call it quits than put in the work. Folks need to understand their life isn’t a television show and never will be.

  3. Interesting read. Once you have a foundation of respect, mutual goals, and trust – there are still strategies you can employ to make sure you are communicating with one another. So in that respect, I think marriage can def be improved upon through education. Everyone of us can benefit from having another tool in our relationship/communication tool box! I also think having positive marriage role models helps. Our parents embodied ’til death do us part. All of Old Dude’s closest friends are married and 80% of mine are too (“happily married” is debatable, but they are all def commitment minded folks!) We’d done the checklists and all that, but it might be worth it to check out an education course BEFORE there’s a problem.

  4. Great article — really interesting. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I like the part that addresses how there’s resources for every aspect of wedding planning down to personalized stamps but the resources to make that marriage last aren’t as readily available. I completely agree.

    I really liked the part about how some religious preparation doesn’t help much either, it only hammers their own doctrines over your head. I know you’ve kept up with my pre-cana recaps so you know how I feel about that.

    I liked the last part the most. Where 1 woman says “as you grow… you realize they’re not perfect…but that doesn’t mean you don’t love them.” It’s something I tell Mr. B that all the time when we’re arguing & either one of us are mad for any period of time “I love you. I may not always LIKE you… but I’ll always love you.” LOL

  5. We never attended pre-marital counseling. But we did invest in self-help books when there were problems. And we’ve also had counseling for specific issues during problematic times. I can’t say if pre-counseling could have helped. As a matter of fact, I’m very doubtful that it would have. I (we) needed guidance to get us through specific rough times. Pre-counseling could give you a good foundation, but with marriage — it’s all about continuous education. I guess it’s debatable whether or not marriage can be taught… kinda like whether or not common sense can be taught. I personally believe you just have to jump in there and do it and work out the kinks as you go.

  6. Although my we didn’t go to pre-marital counseling my husband and I read two books together. At night each one of us would read a chapter of the book then we would answer the questions at the end of the chapter. One was His Needs Her Needs, and the other was The Five Love Languages. Both books were very insightful and touched on many important topics, but we still plan on attending a marriage workshop. The hard part, as the article spoke about is finding a reputable workshop. I wish there was a listing of creditable marriage workshops. I think it would be great to do a weekend retreat workshop.

  7. Interesting article. Couples can learn to work through their problems and see the big picture. In that vein I believe marriage can be taught. I think continual counseling is necessary. It can be self-study or in a group setting. My husband and I will stay on our marriage toes by going through various devotionals and attending marriage retreats at church.

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