The Devil Is In The Details

It’s coming down to the wire to get these invitations printed out, addressed and in the mail.  The invites and reply card were designed by the fabulous Nicole Tips (@nicintx) whom I originally met on Twitter, so that part is taken care of. What I also wanted to include is a postcard sized slip of paper with additional information about the wedding such as our wedding website, directions, and hotel information.

So I figured I’d go into Word and make postcards 4 to a page and take them to Kinko’s, have them cut and then include them in the invitation suite.  Easy breezy, right???


First of all I couldn’t figure out how to do the damn postcards. I went on Twitter and my peeps were no help. I went to Mr. Google and found something that was helpful but there was one way to do it with Word 2003 and another way to do it in Word 2007.  I have Vista (sucks ass by the way) and Word 2007.  Word 2007 is a total re-design with crazy menus and looks nothing like the Word I had come to know and love. If I could have ran up on Bill Gates in a dark alley last night, he woulda gotten shanked!

So then I got a postcard template from Microsoft Office online, deleted out the prior text and clip art in the template so it became blank and then spent the next 2 hours cussing as I copied what I needed into all 4 postcards on the page.  Needless to say, I have a new-hound respect for my administrative professionals. Ya’ll are some effing magicians. For real. I won’t be taking anymore PowerPoint presentations for granted EVER AGAIN.

This further erases any guilt I may have previously had about not being more of a DIY type bride. I cannot eff with that type of stuff. It is not me and I just need to go ahead and pay for what I need done going forward.

So the little funky postcards are done and I am a DIY #FAIL. LOL!!!

Having been soundly defeated and worn out by a software program at that point, I finished drinking  my iced tea and then went to bed.

The end.


9 thoughts on “The Devil Is In The Details

  1. Ugh! So sorry I wasn’t around that day! I coulda/woulda helped you out! Next time hit me on the hip! Hell…you know I ‘be knowing ’bout resources! LOL!

  2. AI found that PowerPoint worked great for a lot of my DIY stuff.

  3. Uhhh Travel Diva might be sorry she let out that little piece of info. My wedding might be in the near future. And I live within striking distance of her!! **note to self, TD is an expert at MS Publisher*** 🙂
    I have the patience of a gnat when it come to stuff like this.

  4. Sorry bout that. I got to the post and saw the twitter update all late. I find MS Publisher to be the easiest for those kind of jobs. I was gonna tell you to email me the file and I would have taken care of it for ya.

    Opps, your done. Sorry for the aggravation.

  5. Awww, you poor baby. I could only imagine the fallout Myron was receiving. LOL

  6. Ugh! Sorry chica! I’m not on Twitter, but you should have emailed me. My under utilized admin is the when it comes to anything Microsoft Office related. And, yep, I agree – Vista is the worst! I do however like Windows 7 and Office 2010.

  7. HAHA! Yesssss!! I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone. I swear I’m the worst DIY’er ever!! I once tried to hot glue a pretty silk flower to a headband. Easy right? Wrong! I ended up with hot glue all over the place, burned my finger & destroyed both the headband and the flower. That was my rock bottom – I can’t do it. I’d rather spend the $8 bucks & buy a pretty flower headband and not stress. I envy the girls who can sew and make their own maps & stuff. It’s just not me. And I’m ok with that now. LOL

  8. LMAO!!! Ah..poor thing!! I don’t remember your request for help. That must have gotten by me…sorry chica!

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