Cake Love

On Saturday, the Mister and I went to 2 cake tastings in the hopes of nailing down the final details of the wedding. We got a chance to taste some very good cake and get an education on how a little flour, sugar and eggs can wind up costing a couple several hundred (or thousands) of dollars.

The first stop was Tammy Allen Premier Wedding Cakes.  Ms. Allen has been in business for 19 years and also does catering and table decor.

The cake that we tasted was the standard vanilla cake and a Italian cream cake. We also tasted a bourbon dark chocolate but I forgot to get a picture of that. She quoted us a price of $600 for both cakes, delivery and set up and an additional $100 deposit for a cake plateau which is some fancy cake display piece that we would get back after the wedding.

My general impression of her cake was that her cake was good but since we only tasted some standard varieties we really didn’t get a feel for the range of flavors that you could have. The cakes she’s done were very pretty. She bakes her cakes fresh a few days before the event so the cakes are never frozen and stored. I also asked about getting a smaller 2 tier cake and some sheet cake to save on the budget and she said that it would have still been the same price. I was feeling some kind of way about that. Sheet cakes are supposed to be cheaper. In addition, the groom’s cake would have been a basic groom’s cake with no extra decoration. We talked about pricing, grabbed our price sheet and told her we had another tasting and would get back with her next week.

Our next stop was to Cake Affairs Houston.

Cake Affairs Houston is a preferred vendor of our venue. As a result of that they don’t charge a delivery fee and they knock off a dollar per slice for buttercream and fondant. Amber, the owner took a good deal of time working out the numbers for us. She explained how many people your standard 3 tier cake would serve and tried to help us estimate how much cake people would eat so that we didn’t purchase too much cake. We tasted a standard vanilla cake, a dark chocolate cake and an almond cream cake. (Shown from left to right in the picture) She has 3 pastry chefs on staff and the cakes are baked the week of the event and stored but never frozen.

Now what was really cool is the variety of mousse fillings that we were able to try. We tried raspberry, strawberry, caramel, lemon-white chocolate and Bavarian cream. Amber encouraged us to take a bite of cake and a bite of filling to see how we liked the combinations. She was really helpful in sketching out the design of the cake down to the scroll work. The price we were quoted ranged from $535-$605 based on the number of folks we wanted to serve.

Another nice touch is that Myron would be able to get a little customization on  his cake for no extra charge. He was especially fond of the chocolate ball and chain topper and the football strawberries that would surround the base of the cake. I really liked that.

Overall, we got a better feel for Cake Affairs Houston.  Amber was friendly and helpful and Myron liked their options for groom’s cakes much better.

We haven’t made a final choice yet though. We are still trying to see how we can save money and I have a private baker to contact next week.  And I still want to go to Sam’s Club with my mom to see what they can do as well. I’ll keep you updated.


7 thoughts on “Cake Love

  1. Is Publix in Houston? If so…run do not WALK to the bakery. They did my mom’s birthday cake that I tweeted this past weekend and everyone said how delicious it was. They are expanding on what they offer. I would caution you to go to one in a better neighborhood based upon the experiences that I’ve had and the customer service i’ve received.

  2. oh…im not mad at Sam’s Club either. I saw one at a Super Walmart in upstate NYC and was upset to find out we dont have that here!

  3. yeah i think this one’s obvious but i have my fingers crossed for the home baker!

  4. Cake Affairs to the top of the list.
    Now I want cake too.

  5. They say first impressions are everything. Cake Affairs has my vote too!

    Now I want some cake.

  6. I lost this link but I found it again!! My vote is for Cake Affairs Houston.

    Welcome back!!! 🙂

  7. Cake Affairs Houston looks more appealing & yummy LOL

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