This is the beginning of my 37th year. It’s not a milestone birthday and it’s an odd number at that, but this is the year that it seems that it is finally coming together. Not just because I am getting married (and that certainly is a blessing and a bonus) but because I was SO depressed about turning 35 and turning 36 was a kind of coming out party. 37 seems to be year that folks don’t give an eff anymore. Or is that when you turn 40??? LOL!!!
I have always been pretty self aware but it took me a long time to fully get comfortable in my skin, and even though I have my own personal moments of self doubt, for the most part I’m doing OK. Life is pretty good. I am certainly very blessed with wonderful family, supportive friends and a loving fiance’ and I damn sure am not complaining about that!
And the best thing about being 37????
I’m grown.
That’s probably the best gift of all.

18 thoughts on “Thirty-Seven

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to YOU……! I think it’s great when you reach a point in your 30’s when you realize you are who you are and that’s perfectly fine!

  2. Im late but YAY!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy B-Day girl! Mine was on Thursday…crazy Gemini’s unite!

  4. Happy Belated Tiffany !

  5. !Feliz Cumpleanos fellow Gemini!


  7. Happy Birthday TIH!!!

  8. I think all of the wisdom you have gained by your late 30’s just comes bursting through by the time you hit 40 & it’s time to make it work for you.

    Happy Birthday !

  9. Happy Birthday, Tiffany!!! Have a wonderful day!!

  10. Everything past 35 is a “Who gonna check me, boo?” year. You grow more confident in who you are, what you want and where you’re going. Get it, girl! And Happy Birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday, Tiffany. Enjoy! Youth is overrated, life gets sweeter and sweeter with time. ;o)

  12. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAAAYY!!! On a Friday too? You better party this weekend! You’ve got a lot to celebrate! 😉

  13. Happy Birthday. I’m 36 and I know exactly how you feel.

  14. I think when you start nearing 40, you get that “eff it” attitude. LOL! I started feeling that way around 36 or 37 too.

    Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday Lady!! Enjoy today and rest of this fabulous year!

  16. …yes…2010 has been a year..and so much more is yet to come…hugs sis ! Celebrate the destination…the journey will always be rough..but God knows YOU can handle it !!

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