I’m On A Boat!


This just came across my email inbox and I just had to post it.
For those of you  who have been following this lil old blog from the beginning, you know that my very first choice was to get married on a yacht. And I took a drive out to see this yacht and I was really digging it. But because my wedding sponsor hater, Daddyzilla, did not warm very much to the idea so I had to change our plans. (Tip: If you can, pay for your own shit! LOL!!)
Since I was just talking about a courthouse wedding just the other day, this idea is PERFECT. (Crys, are you reading this??????????)
Having seen the boat with my very own eyes, I can attest that it is VERY nice and the staff there are friendly and attentive. And dinner is included!!!!! So if you are in the Houston area, and planning something a little bit more small and elegant, this might be the way to go.
Don’t say I’m not doing my part to stimulate the economy! 🙂

 (FantaSea Yachts did not pay me to post this. I just really like what they have going on over there.)


3 thoughts on “I’m On A Boat!

  1. FYI – Old Dude and I met at a wedding and reception held on a yacht!

    The only down side to a yacht wedding? It was held at 4 in the afternoon in late-August and as there is NO SHADE in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, we couldn’t really enjoy sitting on the deck since the sun was blazing. Other than that, it was a good time.

  2. Ok 1st off – those old spice commercials KILL me! “I’m on a horse!” Bwahaha!

    This is such a great idea. And it would make for awesome pictures!!

  3. wow, yes….and i love this. i was just researching this last week, but this is wayyyy better (and more affordable) than what i ran across.

    oh – and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Blessings of the fruit of the Spirit, Love

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