Flower Power

Let’s talk flowers today. I admit that I haven’t thought about them very much because to be honest, they really don’t press my buttons all that much. I know they are needed for the wedding for my me and my immediate wedding party and family but I haven’t got a clue where to start.

My wedding colors are Tiffany blue and chocolate and I have no idea what would go well with those colors. I don’t know what color my bouquet should be, though I imagine most anything would go with white. Then, the other thing is flowers are just so damn expensive. I’m tempted to go to Kroger’s and buy some loose stems and get to work! I’m not really the DIY type but there are tons on tutorials on the web that I am sure I could master. I have to keep thinking about that but in the meantime I moseyed over to the Knot to see if there were any galleries of flowers that I could just start looking at to see what even caught my eye. Check them out in the gallery below.

And has anyone been to a wedding where the bride or bridesmaids carried something other than flowers?? If so, drop me a note into the comments and tell me how it looked to you. Any ideas you care to share on wedding flowers, how to get them for the cheap and still have them look decent on the day of??

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18 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. I’ve read that Whole Foods flower departments are really reasonable for wedding flowers.

  2. I was in a friend’s evening wedding back in ’97/’98 and we carried lanterns with a tealight candle in them. Very different and added to the candlelit theme of the wedding. Her wedding colors were champagne/light gold.

  3. Go to your local grocery store that has a really nice floral department. Stalk the florist and see how her skills are. If they are good, ask her if she would mind helping for a small fee. Order the flowers in bulk and get to work. The grocery store florists around my way (MD) are really good.

  4. I went to a wedding and the women carried decorated little purses. I just realized that it took the place of flowers.

    Do you live near a flower district? If I had gotten married in L.A. I would have gone to the flower district and skipped hiring a florist.

  5. I think ivory or white flowers would look great. Roses seem to be the cheapest esp. if you buy them in bulk. I wouldn’t DIY Hydrangeas – my florist said he won’t use them in bouquets because they dry out really fast & tend to wilt before the day’s over.

    I love the look of Dusty Miller too. It has a soft light blue-silver tint to it. Check this out: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_L0P6gttj7jo/S3rZXtJycsI/AAAAAAAAExU/B2I-GO0he-c/s800/0904_Page134-135+JL+Designs.jpg

    I’m becoming a big fan of silk flowers too.

  6. I bought my flowers from a wholesaler and the night before the wedding me and the Mr. put together my bouquet. On the morning of the ceremony we did the floral arrangements for the house, about 7 arrangements. I had to do this myself because
    #1) I wanted tropical flowers (birds of paradise, ginger, anthuriums) for the arrangements and I wasn’t about to pay the offthewall prices that florist wanted.
    #2) I wanted Stagazer Lillies for my bouquet and the corsages, and some florist acted like that was the most tasteless thing they ever heard of…
    #3) I’m always telling myself that I can do stuff that I really don’t have the expertise to do!! LOL

    But I pulled it off and that was 20 years ago. There is so much help out there now for DIY. I really like Spcialt’s suggestions. I’m taking a lot of notes from your blog , because I know that between my cake and the flowers that is going to be a LARGE chunk of my budget.

  7. I was in a wedding where the MOB got roses from sam’s club and made the bouquets. the other bridesmaids helped her (I was MIA 😦 but she had the ribbon, pins and cardboard (toiletpaperrolls? ) to hook it up. They looked professional to me. But she does that type of craftsy stuff. Maybe you could but the flowers from somewhere like that and ask around to find someone who knows how to do it.

    I don’t know much about flowers but I think white/ivory, pink or yellow might look nice mixed in a bouquet. not all together.

  8. Forgot to answer your other question. I’ve been to several weddings where the bridesmaids carried something other than flowers. In one they carried little candle lanterns. In another they carried parasols (the paper kind). And in another they carried really pretty jewel toned clutch purses similar to these http://www.etsy.com/listing/49477482/a-bridal-clutch-with-flowerchoose-your?ref=sr_gallery_3&ga_search_query=bridesmaid&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_page=4&includes%5B%5D=tags&includes%5B%5D=title

    I liked the purses best of all. I’m sure those ladies are still using them to this day!

    Tamara, really appreciate your input, this is a GREAT help!

  9. Costco and Sam’s Club have wedding packages that can be ordered and delivered ready to assemble. If you check on WeddingBee and some of the other sites, you’ll find brides who’ve had some great experiences ordering their flowers from there.

    Then there are the online floral wholesalers like FiftyFlowers.com. If you have enough hands on deck to help with the arranging and setup it can work really well.

    Also, check to see if there is a floral design school nearby. You can usually find a talented just /about to graduate student who can do the work and needs the experience to add to their portfolio.

  10. I love flowers but like you I wasn’t trying to go broke on something that would be dead in a couple of days. I also had it easy because I didn’t have a bridal party so I only had to worry about my bouquet, boutonniere for the mister and some corsages/boutonnieres for family that I wanted to honor.

    After getting ridiculous quotes from florists, and like you, contemplating if I should do it myself and ruling that out (I didn’t want to be doing anything but getting beautiful on my wedding day), I finally was referred to a retired florist who every now and again did a wedding if it was small. We met, I liked her, her ideas were simple and fit with my weddings style and my budget so voila! I went with her.

    The florist made these money-saving suggestions — go with a flower that is in season and use just one flower. That’s what I did and here’s my bouquet and here’s the bouquet with my centerpiece.

    I think if you follow that same advice, you might come out with a pocketbook-friendly flower solution, too.

    As usual, your comments are the shiznit and I got that coupon you sent the other day too! 🙂

  11. I’m not a big fan of roses – ivory rununculus or peonies would be gorgeous.

    For our wedding, I went to the florist the morning of and bought a bunch of gerber daisies (my absolute fave, but too casual for your affair) and made small bundles for my two attendants and a larger one for me. Nothing fancy at all – just daisies and a few green shoots tied with ribbons. Cost less than $20 for all three.

    You can easily replicate most of the looks in your pics for not a lot of dough. Just go buy the flowers – don’t mention “wedding.” “Wedding” turns a 3 dollar stem into a 15 dollar stem – puhleeze!

  12. At one time I heard you could order flowers from the warehouse clubs but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. One of my cousins ordered roses from out of the country (directly from the grower) and they were absolutely gorgeous after we cut the stems and put them in water. That was only cost effective because she needed a large quantity, though. And it took a LOT of love to cut all those stems, lol.

  13. I would go with a simple ivory colored or off-white. Like white roses maybe. Or I’d skip
    flowers altogether. There are tons of things that can be carried/held while walking down the aisle.

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