Saturday Night Grilling

From the grill of Chef Myron: bacon wrapped shrimp and butterflied pork loin

From the plate of Chef Myron: shrimp, pork loin, mushroom couscous, and a tossed salad with cukes, egg, tomatoes, cranberries, tomatoes and cheese.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Night Grilling

  1. Yes! I love the food pics!

  2. I saw this just in time for mid-afternoon hungries. I’m now off to scavange for office snacks.

    (Looks and sounds delicious.)

  3. Hmph. I ain’t notice none of that making it to my plate. Just sayin’.

  4. Nothing like a man that cooks….well too !

  5. Sigh….I want a plate now.

  6. A toast to Chef Myron! I grilled pork loin and herbed chicken and did a chopped salad with all fresh veggies. Yum!

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