Heading to the JP

(the above photo is of the Harris County, TX courthouse)

I got an email today from a high school friend who has been reading my blog (Hi Crys!). She mentioned how much she has been enjoying reading the blog and I certainly appreciate that very much. She also mentioned that she and her boyfriend had been talking about marriage and how she was down for a courthouse wedding. And I thought about how I haven’t really talked about that particular subject at all. So here are my ramblings about getting married at the JP…..

Ya’ll know I’m old. And impatient. So when Myron and I got engaged, I mentioned the ideas of : 1) a destination wedding to Vegas or 2) a courthouse wedding/reception party. He was down for the destination wedding but nixed the courthouse idea altogether. You all know that the destination wedding idea was kilt dead by my sweet dear Daddyzilla.

I was confused because he had a rather large wedding his first go round and I thought he might want something smaller for our wedding. But in his infinite wisdom, he knew two things that I didn’t realize at the time, namely that I really DID want a more traditional wedding ceremony because we are both very close to our families and that for him, this was the LAST time he was getting married so he was gonna go out with a bang! LOLOLOLOL!!!

At any rate, I think that for the couple on a tight budget or the couple who doesn’t care for a whole lot of hoopla, taking a short trip down to the courthouse (or annex) is a really good idea. And following are some links to some resources to make your trip to JP as special as a bride getting married in church or in a hotel ballroom!!

First up, this HOT photo shoot of a courthouse wedding. There is a lot of love in those pictures. Take a look HERE.

Next, you can wear what ever you want for your wedding, but I say go hard in these dresses perfect for a courthouse ceremony!

Finally, a glimpse of a REAL wedding at the courthouse and the reception that was held at a brewery. My sweetie thinks that beer makes everything better and evidently so did this couple!!!!!

I think folks still have the opinion that having a wedding with the JP has to be dull and boring and rather simplistic. And it doesn’t have to be. Your wedding day is what you make it. So if I have lurkers that are considering the courthouse, go for it…and definitely DO YOU.

11 thoughts on “Heading to the JP

  1. You know, it really depends on who you are and what you want. Now, if I had a ton of money, I probably would have had a dream ceremony, but the money that I did have, I wanted to spend on a honeymoon and save for a house (that I love!!) Shoot — I didn’t want to wait! That was my main reason for having an ALMOST JP wedding (I did marry in a church at the last minute and only invited our parents, my grandmother, aunt, and my son). I just wanted to marry the man and we’d figure out ceremonies and friends later. But then, I don’t love ppl as much as you guys do. LOL I figure I’ll have a big wedding vow renewal ceremony for our 5th anniversary because when it’s all said and done I do want to do the wedding/reception thing eventually.

    I hope you have a lovely wedding Tiffany. You and Myron are the kind of people who SHOULD have a wedding ceremony. I know your pictures will be lovely, but please do take pics of the FOOD too. (Girl, you know how I love the food pics!)

  2. this is for me.. 🙂 THANK YOU.. LOL

  3. tiffanyyyyyyyyyyy – you are SO awesome! love the link to the dresses, i almost feel like i should pay YOU a fee for doing all the grunt work. words cannot express how uninterested i’ve always been my whole life about planning a wedding ceremony…i love your blog though because i can definitely appreciate the excitement of wedding planning – but having to do it myself….uhhhhh, not so much.

    blessings of an awesome wedding ceremony and a joy filled marriage,

  4. Um, that courthouse wedding photoshoot made me want one like tomorrow! But, my folks would have MUCH to say about that. ::Fainted:: Myron going out with a bang. LOL

  5. We considered the JP, Vegas, destination thing too. But,scrapped it. There’s just something fundamentally special and beautiful about the ceremony and making promises to each other in the sight of God with all your favorite people around. *SIGH*

  6. I’ve never considered having a courthouse wedding but I love looking at pictures of them. I think they’re really romantic! I see the appeal in saving money and avoiding the stress of planning a large wedding, but I’d miss having all of my family and friends there.

  7. I already wrote that it wouldn’t have been for me…I needed the emotional highs and lows of planning the wedding. I feel battle tested now!

  8. I don’t have anything to say about church or JOP, I just wanted to say that first couple looked like a cool couple to be friends with!! They looked like they are so much fun to be around.

  9. My mama would have never forgiven me for going to the JoP and getting married. In her and my family’s view that’s akin to sneaking away to get married cause you didn’t want anybody to know/see, like “what do you have to hide that you can’t celebrate your marriage with your family, friends and loved ones?!!”

    Mr. SLS had been married before, too, and had a (dare I say tacky??! Yeah, I think I dare! LOL!) wedding and would have been happy with a JoP wedding this second go-round, but he knew *I* wouldn’t be happy with that so all he asked is that we keep it small.

  10. YESSSSSS! We know 1 couple that went to the JP cuz he’s an Auzzie & they had to do it before the church wedding so he could stay in the country – to plan the rest of the wedding. LOL She said it was a lot easier on her wedding day cuz they were already married.

    1 couple did it & had an anniv party a year later. Her best advice to me – “Do it! Our wedding cost us $40 for the license.” The Anniv party prolly only cost them like $2gs. I should’ve listened.

    1 couple said screw it & just made it legal. They saved a ton of money, bought a house & are expecting a baby anyday now.

    Color me green. 😉

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