Gin and Juice?????

Soooo…if you been following me along on this little wedding planning adventure you know that our ceremony and reception will be held at this place. Our wedding is on a Sunday at 3PM in the afternoon. We are having a full buffet dinner with a appetizer period for the guests while we finish taking the pictures. Coffee, iced tea, assorted sodas and water are included in our package. The venue is a equipped with a full bar but doesn’t provide the alcohol. The package does include a bartender and security if we request it. We would need to provide the ice, mixers, liquor and set ups as well as barware. Alcohol as you well know is expensive. The thought of having to transport all of that type of stuff there prior to the ceremony is somewhat exhausting.
My event coordinator did mention that chilling bottles of wine was something that they could probably handle but I would still have to buy the wine and get it there. So, as such, I don’t really know what to do.
And here is where you, dear commenters, come in. 
As a guest, if you went to a non-alcoholic reception would it be a problem? Do I get more leeway because it is a Sunday? If you think I should get some sort of alcoholic beverage, what is your suggestion?? Hit the comments with your thoughts. 

31 thoughts on “Gin and Juice?????

  1. I’m having a reception where I have to provide the alcohol – we’re going with beer and wine. A lot of liquor stores in our area (New Jersey outside of Philly) will recommend what amounts to buy, deliver the bottles to the reception site, and pick up/buy back the unused bottles the next day. Maybe you could look into that.

    Thanks for the tip and thanks for commenting!

  2. At my uncle’s wedding in Baton Rouge, they purchased liquor and set up the bar. My mama’s twin sister served as the bartender and all was well. She had no problem denying those who clearly had more than enough. But um…at this same wedding the bride’s family had food on the buffet line that was for “FAMLAY ONLAY!” LOL

  3. I PREFER non-alcoholic events. Some people tend to think they’re Jaime Foxxx and want to blame it on the…

    Don’t listen to me. It’s YOUR event! Do what you want. Oh wait, you were going to do that anyway 🙂


  4. I would be fine either way – cuz it’s YOUR wedding and you do what you want.

  5. Our wedding is on a Sunday too and we are going in the exact opposite direction: We budgeted a full open bar and champagne toast in lieu of a sit down formal meal (it’s a cocktail reception with waiter passed heavy appetizers & food stations).

    Do you live near a Trader Joe’s? They have a tasty wine called Charles Shaw for about $2-4 per bottle. (“Two Buck Chuck”). You can always return whatever bottles you don’t open. To save money, you can have glasses of pre-poured wine set up and served during the cocktail hour ONLY. Here’s a guide for a 100 person wedding:

    •Red wine — 12 to 48 bottles or 1 to 4 cases of red wine .
    •White wine — 48 to 72 bottles or 4 to 6 cases of white wine .
    •Beer — 2 cases minimum.
    (I LOVE red, but I would sub out a case red for a blush like White Zin ’cause my family loves White Zin…yuck!)

    If you choose to go totally “dry”, I would feel obligated to let folks know via word of mouth.

  6. I’m not a big drinker, so it wouldn’t make me a bit of difference. We didn’t have liquor at our wedding – it was in my parent’s backyard, they don’t drink and it never occurred to me to ask – though they probably wouldn’t have minded.

    If you want the liquor there I agree with Honest – delegate transportation and all that jazz to a good friend or three. If it is too much trouble/money/whatever – don’t serve it. Most people won’t give it a second thought. And those that do? Eh.

  7. I wouldn’t mind the absence of alcohol. Let’s face it, some folk tend to ack (yes, ack) up when they get a lil’ lickka in ’em.

  8. My venue does not allow alcohol. Therefore, Tim’s gift to his Groomsmen will be some engraved flasks. They will be pre-filled with the liquor of choice for the drinkers.

    He’s in the Navy…we had a figure out a way around this one. 🙂

  9. Since when do wedding + reception = “Let’s get wasted”? I don’t think it matters unless you and Myron care. End of story. But hey, I’m selfish and could give a monkey’s toenail what my guests wanted. On this day, you have the right to say, “The song is REALLY about me” and nobody can say otherwise. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of transporting it but can afford it, delegate that task (that’s if YOU and MYRON want liquor there). If you can do without it, go without it. Simple as that.

  10. My friends decided to make it a wine and beer affair and purchased the wine/beer at costco in bulk and had it transported to the reception site by a friend. I also played a role in mixing the home made sangria that was also transported to the reception site. You don’t have to do it the day of but can probably drop it off with your caterer. At the end of the day it is your wedding.

  11. I would be happy just sharing the moment with my friends.

  12. Honestly, if logistics are your only issue this is a really good opportunity for a cousin, godsister, girlfriend to step in. You don’t have to serve alcohol but you’re not precluded from serving it just because you don’t want to deal with the hassle.

  13. My first mind said “Do what you want it is you (and Myron’s) money and day. It is about yalll” and I loves the likka!

    Imma stick with my first mind!

  14. I’m an admitted BIG drinker and I make WINE!! I’ve had just as much fun at a dry reception as I have a an open bar reception. And I feel that you do NOT owe anyone alcoholic beverages. YOUR wedding YOUR choice and don’t feel one bit bad about the choice you make. If you want something festive to toast with you can do that with sparkling cider so that even the little ones can participate.

    All those folks who need to get their grog on can do so afterwards and on their own dime.

  15. I’m from Louisiana. No alcohol is blasphemy. They’d swear we must be doing bad and someone would take up a collection, drive to the liquor store and ready this situation immediately.

  16. I’m a big drinker and prefer cocktails at festive gatherings.

    That being said, I understand the costs associated with weddings and would understand if there was no liquor served if it were a Sunday afternoon wedding. Anything other than that should have beer and wine at a minimum.

  17. It’s been about 50/50 for me as far as the weddings I have attended. Just like another poster says, it just depends on the couple. The big drinkers had alcohol at their shindigs and the non-drinkers passed on it. I do think the fact that it’s an afternoon wedding and the fact that its a Sunday makes it more feasible for most to not indulge. Also, I don’t think a guest that is not a sponsor has any cause/reason to have a problem with how you plan YOUR event. However, if you must, I think a nice white wine & beer keg would be a good compromise and less expensive & less hassle than having to worry if the bartender is any good or not.

  18. I also think it depends on your social circle. If alcohol is a constant at your crowd’s functions and you also partake, folks will be expecting it. You’re not obligated to provide, but it would be like someone inviting you to Thanksgiving dinner and when you get there, there’s no turkey. I’d probably just do beer, wine and a champagne toast.

  19. I am a drinker and no alcohol is cool with me. I come from a religious family so I am used to it. I think the fact that the wedding is on a Sunday afternoon helps.

  20. I wouldn’t have a problem with no alcohol at the reception. A good friend’s wedding reception was exactly this and we had a good old time anyway.

  21. My family both maternal and paternal do not drink for religious reasons. My husbands family luhhhs the liquor and their events are not complete without it.

    Some of his people were upset about the dry event.

  22. If alcohol is offered at a reception, sometimes I drink, but often I don’t. I don’t think that most of your guests will care. They are there to celebrate with you too. Yes, you get a little bit of a pass since it’s on a Sunday, but mainly, if you don’t want to serve, you definitely don’t have to. Now, if the $$ is nominal but the biggest wrinkle is logistics, then I would suggest wine only or a signature cocktail with two or three ingredients. And, ask a good friend/soror/cousin/neighbor to be responsible for purchasing and delivering to the venue that morning (or ask your site coordinator if she/he will receive it on Saturday and secure it in a locked area).

  23. I’ve been to weddings where liquor isn’t allowed for religious reasons & we were fine. They weren’t as loud & goodtimes as you might imagine but it was a really lovely wedding.

    I think it depends on your crowd. Is your social cirle made up of drinkers? What about your family? My Mr & I both come from large Italian & Irish families (m’kay?) add in our hometown & college friends – no booze would be an ENORMOUS problem for us. But that’s OUR lifestyle. We’re drinkers. We registered for wine glasses, 2 cocktail shakers, the Mr. wants a Jimmy Buffet Margarita Maker, our favors will be mini champagne or wine bottles, we’re renting a conference room for after the hotel bar closes because we know there’s no way our crew is going to bed at 1am.

    Decide what’s common amongst the majority of YOUR guests & go with it. How about buying a few inexpensive cases of wine & renting a couple kegs for behind the bar? Then guests have the choice of beer or wine.

  24. I wouldn’t care…how about a signature drink or two that can be a joint named venture??

  25. I can only think of one wedding I have attended that didn’t have alcoholic. Well, they had champagne for the toast. I didn’t mind the no alcohol. It’s not that big of a deal to me.
    Even though, I am a drinker! HA

    The last wedding I attended in 09, the bride and groom asked some of their closest friends to give wine/alcohol as the gift. Two of my friends and I went in on a case of wine. It was 8 bottles. That maybe considered tacky but I didn’t think anything of it. I was glad to help them out.

  26. I do not drink at all so I’m greatly biased here. Of course *I* wouldn’t care. I would think you might want to have champagne for a toast. and maybe some wine. I think its pretty crass or a guest to be disappointed in a non-alchoholic reception. see there goes that bias. think of the money you will save!

  27. Mine was held in the church fellowship hall, so no liguor by default. LOL. Like SLS, I am not a big drinker either, so it would not bother me if no alcohol was available. I never saw where alcohol goes hand in hand with a reception anyway. The saying is eat, drink and be merry. All can be accomplished with no alcoholic beverages.

  28. When I go to a reception other than celebrating the special day with the bride and groom I am all about the food and cake!! Alcohol doesn’t really register as much.

    I would go non-alcoholic since you will have to provide basically everything. Or maybe just wine so you wont have to buy mixers and ice.

  29. I’m not a big drinker and wouldn’t care. Do you.

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