Odds and Ends: The Friday Edition

I have been doing my research on wedding cake bakers as I need to get one booked. Why did I get a quote from one company for $1055.44??? Yes, you read that correctly. A GRAND!!! For a cake. That didn’t even include a groom’s cake.
*passes out and wall slides to the floor*
And that was for buttercream, not fondant. I need to stop doing accounting work and get into the wedding planning business because that is where the true loot is!!! Mrs. TDJ, where are you?? I need your spiritual cake guidance! LOL!! (Update: My cake mentor came through for me just as I was about to post this! Thanks, Taya!!!)
Luckily I have a couple more options in the works and the other bride that is in my pre-marital class is getting her cake from one of the bakers on my list and this lady is a lot cheaper (as far as expensive ass wedding cakes go). I will keep you updated on this.
I uploaded my invitation to Vistaprint last night to see how it would look online. It’s a flat 4″ by 8″ design and I think it looks pretty good. It’s printing on a matte cardstock, but the linen look cardstock is not available. I was a little bummed. Would ya’ll really care if it wasn’t linen-looking??
The envelopes that come with the invite standard are a cream color? Should I order colored envelopes? Would ya’ll really care??
And would ya’ll really care that I had the map and directions printed on cream colored regular paper in chocolate colored ink and cut at Kinko’s??
I have established one registry at my favorite store on the planet, Tar-jay. The Mister felt left out that I did everything online and now wants to have his way with a pricing gun and get turnt all the way up and turnt all the way loose at Bed, Bath and Beyond. So I think I will have 2 registries.
On some of the big bridal websites, some of these chicks have 4, 5, even 6 registries. WTF?? There is only so much stuff you could want, right?
So, the etiquette book says you are not supposed to mention registry info in the invitation. But every wedding I have been to and I do mean EVERY one, included it. I guess they were all in non-compliance then. *shrugs*
I’m torn. What do ya’ll think???
Holla at ya girl, give me some feedback!

17 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: The Friday Edition

  1. Girl, don’t spend too much…we ended up taking most of ours to a fire station so that those guys could eat ’em up.

  2. What about Not Jus Donuts? Their cakes are the bomb!!!

  3. I don’t recall if my registry was included. I don’t think so, but I’d have to pull it out.

    I don’t care about any of the invitation concerns. As long as the date/time/directions are right and the fact that I got one would be enough for me.


  4. I just remembered requesting my cake be buttercream. The baker said it would not bhe possible. They have to use fondant because buttercream does not set.

  5. My cake was as much as my dress and more than the flowers. My wedding cake might have been more than the venue. But I truly love wedding cake. That was top priority for me. There is a cake store here in L.A called Hansens. I would love to have a new wedding just so I could feed everyone that cake.

    I put the registry on my webpage only. My family and family friend give cash. I knew the registry information would not be used.

  6. OH! That reminds me – I think putting registry info in the invite might be a regional thing. I’ve never seen it and I’ve been to a TON of weddings in the past 10 years. I think around me, the registry is mostly for the ladies for the bridal shower. I rarely ever buy a wedding present off the registry, but it’s go-to for a shower.

    The cake thing — check in your area if there are any rental companies. They have gorgeous fake cakes that you can put 1 slice of cake in & it looks like your cutting into the cake & feeding each other. OR – my college roommate asked around a couple local bakeries. She ended up renting one of the fake wedding cakes in their front window & buying a sheet cake. They put the fake cake on the “pedestal” of the sheet cake & cut into that. Muuuuuch cheaper! 🙂

  7. My mom swears that you are NOT supposed to put the registry info in the invitation. If people want to know they will ask, so she says. I wouldn’t do it (mainly cuz she wouldn’t let me) but I think this is something that the stores started-getting people to put that in their invitations. But like you, every wedding I can recall has had one. If they didn’t include it they didn’t have a registry. We live in a world where people want convenience (see the info on the invite 0rder the gift online-boom-done) Almost every single wedding gift I’ve ever purchased I bought online and had it shipped. One friend of mine did a registry @ M.acys and they asked her for her the addresses to her guest list so they could send a card. So she did that and had the info in her invitation. I thought all that was a bit much. The majority of your guests will hear about where you registered either from you or M2 or a family member and the word will spread whether you include it or not.

    I have seen some nice wedding cakes in grocery stores. I wouldn’t have known the difference between that and a more expensive cake. And I know they let you taste because a friend of mine got hers from Publix for her wedding.

    I don’t care about invitations as long as its neat with no errors. especially the paper with directions.

  8. 1) I know around here it’s something like $5 per slice. We lucked out because our venue includes the cake. I want to surprise him with a grooms cake but that’s $300-500 too!

    2) We made 2. 1 Bed Bath and 1 PotteryBarn (cuz I’m obsessed). We did have a Macy’s at one point but BB&B has everything cheaper and with the coupon so we moved the items to BB&B. I don’t get why people have 5 registries either.

    3) Invites: I’m pretty convinced no one except us & our parents (well, really our Moms) care about invites. Ours are so plain the blog world might tar & feather me. And ya know what? No biggie – cuz all I can see are my college friends sending in the RSVP & tossing everything but the directions in the trash.

  9. Yep, cakes can be serious $$$ business! But, you have a clear and rational head about it, so I’m confident that we’ll work it out and NOT break the bank.

    I would not trip at all regarding the linen paper, regular paper directional card, etc. This is one of those details that you, your Momma and about 3 other people will notice. Everyone else is just going to slice that invitation open and read the text. I had a bride once who went the simple route (plain papers, etc) but she was depressed over not having a special set just for yourself. I sent her to a local custom printer and she got two sets on the prettiest invitations with monogrammed envelopes I’ve ever seen as keepsakes.

    I’m kinda a stickler when it comes to etiquette (thanks Mama!). I understand why people do it, I feel very strongly that the registry card should not be included in the invitation. I think the information should be included in all pre-wedding showers. For anyone that is not included on a shower list, if they want to know, they’ll ask. Plus, not sure about TX, but $$$ seems to still be king for the majority of weddings over in these parts. Gift tables remain pretty empty, while most brides are walking around with heavy “purses” or walking by full “wishing wells”.

  10. Every wedding invitation I have received included a little slip of paper with the registery info. I never knew that was considered tacky. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

  11. I’m going to a wedding and there was a small insert in there w/the registry info. It’s also listed on their wedding website. if it wasn’t included, how would I know what they want or need? Which I’m still not getting anything off there. LOL. I’m all about the gift card. Buy what you want and leave me the hell alone. I’ll try to pay attention tomorrow to see if there are any details I can pass on to you. And thanks for htis lovely post. 🙂

  12. Goodbye cupcakes, helllllooo wedding cakes! I’m tapping into the wrong market!

    I guess I’m in the minority on the registry thing…I can’t stand to see registry information on a wedding invitation. I do understand the convenience of it, but the solicitation of a gift isn’t appropriate in my opinion. I don’t even love it on baby or bridal shower invitations…it’s just less offensive to me because showers are generally thrown by someone other than the recipient of the gift and the purpose of the shower is to set the new couple (or parent(s)) up with things they’ll need.

  13. All those cream colored questions. Nope. I don’t care. You can hand write mine on the back of an index card. LOL. And yeah, $1K for a cake. Ummm, no. That much money should not be spent on one consumable item. As far as the registry card goes, do what is best for the people you are inviting. If you can’t email everyone on your list your registry information, then I don’t see a problem with including it in your invitation. The whole registry via word of mouth thing is silly to me. That would mean you have to constantly answer that question or rely on other folks to pass the information along. As far as how many you have, remember registries are used well after the wedding, and you can receive gifts for your first year of marriage. You will be close to your first Christmas as a couple and left over registry items will help folks buy for you then too. I know I am not the etiquette queen, but most folks I know aren’t. You just do what you feel comfortable with regarding your crew.

  14. Responding out of order:

    3. I didn’t include our registries cause we had two households full o’ stuff and didn’t need much more, though we got a bunch anyways.

    2. I think an insert that looks nice is fine. Don’t go sweating all that. People throw the invites in the trash when it’s all said and done.

    1. Ain’t that a mutthaeffer?!

  15. More than three registries just seems like overkill to me. If you’re concerned about following the “etiquette” about listing it on the invitation, what about putting it on the reception card? I think that’s where I’ve seen it quite often. Or maybe put them on the other side of the page with the directions? This may change the type of paper you planned to put the directions on but maybe that’s an option? *shrug*

    A grand for the cake? Good lawd. I think my sister paid $300 for hers a few years ago. She got it from Albertsons of all places, but that thang was slamming!! We were throwing bows for that cake!

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