Guess List

Dear Mama,
Thank you for providing me a preliminary list of the guests you and daddy want to invite. It is a good start to compiling the master list of folks before we start the edits.
However, dear sweet mama, could you please tell me what Uncle T-Boy’s government name is?? Unfortunately, etiquette and the US Postal Service dictates that I can’t mail an invitation to him using his nickname.
And also, while you are at it, could you kindly share with me the last name of cousin Beverly and her dear husband?? I think sending an invite that just says Beverly and husband might not get to where it needs to go.
And why are you inviting the good Reverend again?? He doesn’t even know me. I’m a bit confused. It’s $30 a plate, you he bringing a good gift???
My lovely mother dearest, we have no addresses for these kind people either. Gonna need that too. #imjustsayin
Love your only daughter,
Tiffany In Houston
I am so looking forward to putting together the guest list, can’t you just tell??? *kill me now*

8 thoughts on “Guess List

  1. Y’know….my mother and grandmother got on my LAST Christian nerve with the list of people that I should send my undergraduate announcements to. I mean…this list was officially OUT of control. It’s like, may I have Sis. Brown from the mother’s board FULL name. And would it hurt to include her address?? Noo…my mama “Can’t you go look that up on the computer?!” I feel your pain. LOL

  2. Don’t forget June Bug. Cause he will come whether he is invited or not! hahahahahahahaha


  4. Hah! You mad funny! Funny enough you CAN send mail without proper names – a friend recently sent us a thank you with just our first names & then address under it. I think as long as you have the address and zip code right, you’re ok. You could always just send them the way your mom wrote them as a joke.

    Sounds like you might know my brother’s friends too – in their 40’s with kids of their own & people still callin’ them “Pooky” & “Nook Nuk” – swear. LOL

    The guest list is the worst part – or at least it was for us – hang in there! 🙂

  5. Uncle T-Boy ’bout won’t even show…save that invite for someone else. *runs*

  6. Girl, that’s why I told my mama she got two seats beyond hers and that’s it so choose carefully. It’s still amazing to me that I got away with that cause she did have five on our wedding.

  7. That is funny as hell. I hated doing the guest list too.

  8. You have me cracking up! That is hilarious! Did it also say “Peanut and nem”?

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