Putting A Ring on HIM

We stopped by Jared’s last weekend to look at some wedding bands for the Mister. He’d sent me some web links to some bands he liked right after we got engaged but I wanted to go into a store and see the rings on his hand and his reaction to the different styles. Myron has very sensitive skin that reacts to different metals such as gold and stainless steel. He had a white gold wedding band for his first marriage and it broke him out. He doesn’t even wear a watch because the stainless steel backing reacts with his skin.

So when he’d been looking around, he’d become interested in tungsten and titanium rings. In particular, the tungsten because they are non reactive and come in a variety of styles. They can be matte or shiny and have a variety cuts to the actual metal, in addition to being inlaid with a carbide material.

From top to bottom are some of the ones that we liked. The first one is called the Myron (my personal fave and that is the real ring style name), the next one is called the Halo, the next one is called the Prometheus and final one, which I think is rather funky is called the Wave.

They are all really handsome and it’s going to be a difficult decision to pick just one but it’s gonna look really nice on his left ring finger come September 26th! 🙂

Which one(s) do ya’ll like? What kind of band does your husband wear??


18 thoughts on “Putting A Ring on HIM

  1. The Myron of course. LOL I actually like the Prometheus one also.

    My husband wears a plain gold band. We need new rings. ;-p

  2. The Myron, of course! It’s destiny…it bears his name.

  3. My vote is for Prometheus!

  4. I like Myron! It’s simple, but still makes a statement. Gaudy bands on men make me nervous.

  5. We both wear the Halo, without the gold. If we had not done matching bands I’d like the promethus for him.

  6. I like the bottom two the best! Smoochy wears a gold band with 3 or 4 stones.

    Hmm – do they make titanium rings for women? I have stopped wearing my rings because my fingers have broken out something terrible – I’ll definitely be looking into this – thanks for the info.

  7. I’m loving the Myron! And I absolutely adore tungsten! Found out about it when a guest left his in his hotel room and I had to go & retrieve it (during my hotel mgr days) and I love, love, love that metal! Super heavy and ultra durable. It never fades and never needs shining. If I get married, my hubby is getting tungsten. So modern and sleek……great taste honey!!

  8. The Myron for sure

  9. No way that’s so cool! Is there any question? Definitely go for the Myron! Hah! It’s fate!
    The Halo would be my second choice, but I like the 1st one best.

  10. I like the Myron most and then the Wave.

  11. I like the simplicity of the Myron and my 2nd choice would be the Wave. The Halo is ok, but I don’t like the Prometheus.

  12. I like the Myron. It was hard finding a ring for my husband’s long skinny fingers with big knuckles. We had to find something that would go over the knuckle but then not move and jiggle around when he was playing his instrument. The ring I ended up getting kinda worked.

  13. I like the Myron and Prometheus!

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