The Counselor Is In

Last Thursday we went for the first week of 12 (!) weeks of pre-marital counseling. We are getting counseling at the church that I was baptized at and that Myron currently attends. Both sets of parents also attend church there but I left and attended another church once I became an adult.
Our counselor is a lady who has been certified as a Christian counselor but is on her third marriage (!!!!!) of 22 years. I kind of gave her a side eye on that but seeing how I haven’t been married at all, I decided to let her make it.
There is a another couple who started with us. They are a bit younger, in their late 20s and the bride is divorced with a young son. They had already filled in the first chapter of the workbook, making me and Myron look like slackers..LOL!! I hate overachievers!
The book we are using is called: “Preparing for Marriage God’s Way” by Dr. Wayne Mack. It’s a workbook style that you can write in and isn’t snazzy on pictures or anything. Click the link if you want to peruse the contents a bit. Methinks that being published in 1986, that they could use some updates to the reading material but oh well…*shrugs*
So my plan is to blog weekly on what topics are covered in the book and just give a brief overview of what the class was about. I won’t get very detailed because I am not gonna put all of our business out on the interwebs, but perhaps this will help some of the brides/grooms or singles who stumble accross this blog.
Our next class is this Thursday. I’ll try to run a post a few days after that.

14 thoughts on “The Counselor Is In

  1. YEA!!!!! You guys chose the New Faith counseling!!! Kyle and I loved it and used the same book (sounds like the same counselors as well). I admit, the workbook is old but it is biblically based. Are we to disregard the Bible? That’s old too ya know….LOL!

    Anyhoo…the group dynamic was good and bad. It was good to know that there are other couples with your same concerns and fears. At the same time though, we had some “chatty kathys” in our group and some couples had a story for EVERYthing!!!! I was like, “dang! can other folx get a chance to talk?” LOL!

    I would advise that you and Myron complete the lessons individually, and then come together and discuss your answers a night or two before class. You’re not going to get everything you need in an hour so that system helped us quite a bit.

  2. Sounds like an interesting workbook! I look forward to reading the posts.

  3. As long as it works for you two, go for it. If it doesn’t try another option! Good luck!

  4. Well I think about it like this-on her third marriage for 22 years she must be doing something right this time. I wonder how long she was married the first two times. My friends mother is on her third marriage of over 30 years. Your counselor must have taken an interest in having others avoid the mistakes she made at some point. It’s sort of like a former drug addict recovering and becoming a drug counselor. not that you guys are addicts but maybe you have to experience the rock bottom of something to counsel others. I would think for counseling to be most productive it would just be the two of you but I guess there are different types of counseling. That old book is weird but I like workbooks too. I’m looking forward to reading about the counseling topics (not you guys’ business:)

  5. A 25 year old book by Dr. Wayne Mack…y’all know that’s M2’s cousin and y’all just his book pusha. 😆

  6. Yall are in a class with other folks?? I don’t like that. Marriage counselling should be one couple at a time. Along with the old material, I am not getting the warm and fuzzy about this at all. The only pass I am giving the counselor is that she has been in A marriage for 22 years.

  7. Have fun! Our premarital was 3/4 months of group, once a week and it was 2 or 3 hours each session. We also had a few individual sessions. We enjoyed it. I think everyone in our group enjoyed it because we’d always go over time (it flew by) and ask to stay longer. Then we’d go outside and talk some more.

    I’m interested in knowing what a 2x divorcee has to say. I imagine/hope she learned a lot from 2 failed marriages.

  8. Divorced, third wedding, old ass literature & TWELVE sessions?!?! Oh hail no! We have to do pre-cana but we only have to go Thursday nights in June – 4 times about an hour each. Done. I’m hoping there’s no “homework” involved. I’m interested to see how it goes down for you! My prayers are DEF with you! LOL

  9. If we ever decide to do pre- marital counseling, I would like it to be with a couple who are on their second or God forbid 3rd marriage. Me and my S/O are both divorced and I’d feel more inclined to take advice from someone who has also failed once or twice.

    Now that 25 year old book is a different story……

  10. Hold up…3rd marriage AND the textbook is 25+ years old?

    *side eye*

    I’m assuming this is a requirement to be married by your pastor? Otherwise I think you could find better pre-marital counseling.

  11. 3rd marriage? Uh ok.. I love workbooks. And yes, it’s best to keep YOUR marital business in your home or w/counselors. The net doesn’t need to know everytime you have a fight.

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