Hit the Road, Jack

Some of you may not know, but I have another man.

A man that I had in my life prior to meeting my fiance’.

A man that I continue to cheat with, much to my fiance’s chagrin and displeasure every Monday night from 8-9PM CST.

That man is, ladies and gentleman, Jack Bauer of  ’24’!!!!!

Tonight is the series finale of 24. I am in a state of mourning and denial. I am verklempt. I will probably need some therapy. Maybe some sort of 12 step program. I will need some hand holding to get through this!!! *deep long sigh*

No more watching Jack get shot, stabbed, or infected with deadly toxins!! No more watching Jack kill people with knifes, guns, fireplace pokers and his bare ass feet!!! No more waiting to see which major character will get broke off unexpectedly (cue Edgar..*eyes well up* *sniffle*)!!

So tonight Jack is going out with a bang…and has plans to take everyone else with him!!!

Farewell, Jack..It’s been a hell of a ride!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Hit the Road, Jack

  1. Haha! Kinda how I feel about another “Jack” aka Matthew Fox on Lost. Although I’m pretty sure Jack Bauer could kick Jack Sheperd’s @$$ all over the Island. LOL Enjoy!!

  2. Keep my man’s name out yo’ mouf!

  3. GOOD RIDDENS!!!!!!!

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