Odds And Ends: Wedding Checklist

I was mentally running down my wedding checklist and thinking of the things that I’ve gotten done so far. So far we have:
  • selected wedding colors
  • secured a venue and a wedding date
  • ordered and picked up my dress
  • picked bridesmaids/ordered dresses
  • picked groomsmen
  • designed the invitations
  • set up a registry (Target)
  • set up a wedding blog
  • took engagement pictures
The things that have yet to be done include:
  • finish building our wedding website and publish
  • order enagement photobooks for parents
  • reserve hotel room blocks
  • set up registry (Bed, Bath and Beyond)
  • find and book cake vendor
  • book the wedding photographer (I have 2 in mind)
  • set up a meeting with the DJ (gifted to us by a groomsman)
  • help my mom find her dress
  • get my dress altered
  • get tuxes booked for the guys
  • shop for and purchase Myron’s wedding band
  • finalize verbiage and get invitations printed for mail out
  • compile and edit the guest list and get addresses
  • get bridesmaids jewelry
  • get groomsman gifts
  • research honeymoon options
That’s all I could think of offhand. It seems like I’d done a lot but I have so much more to do. Dammit! LOL!!!

7 thoughts on “Odds And Ends: Wedding Checklist

  1. It’s a long list…but take it one thing at a time and you’ll get through it.

  2. Good list. A few more come to mind: hotel for wedding night, transport from reception hall to said hotel, pre-organize your envelopes for day of payments (many forget, so writing it down now saves a ATM/bank nightmare on the big day), talk to me about your cake, *lol*, etc.

  3. Not to add to the list but…

    What about flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces etc.)?

    Your shoes and foundation garments — you’ll need to choose those before you get the dress altered.

    Will you wear a veil?

    Seating charts?

    Ceremony programs?

    DJ music list for reception?

    Transportation to the church, reception hall?

    I can think of other stuff, but just throwing that out there….

  4. It seems like you have a lot to do. But you’ve put a check mark beside a lot. It looks like clear sailing from here.

  5. Damn, I cannot believe you are getting married. So exciting!

  6. It does seem like a lot but you are well on your way!!!

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