Odds and Ends

First off I would like to extend a hearty congratulations and blessings to my blogger/twitter friend Tazzee who is getting married TODAY!!!! YAY!!!!!


We are taking our engagement pictures tomorrow afternoon at this place. I am having trouble coming up with ensembles to wear. I plan to shop my closet because we are still diverting the majority of extra funds towards the wedding.  I did get my highlights back in so ya’ll should be able to see them when we get the pictures back.  Our photographer is a high school friend of Myron’s and like I mentioned in an earlier post, she is cutting us a hell of a deal. Check out her website here.


Lastly, what do ya’ll have up for the weekend?? I think I will show ya’ll the final mockup on my wedding invite on Monday’s post. Please be gentle. 🙂

That’s all I got for a Friday AM, what ya’ll got??


3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. I’m sure your pics will be great – can’t wait to see them! The invitation too.

    Church picnic tomorrow and horseback riding on Sunday if the weather cooperates. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, I plan on vegging on the couch all weekend long! Oh, and cleaning out my car – it is beyond filthy and I am truly ashamed.

  2. Have fun taking pics!

    We’re going to the bowling and the movies tonight. Tomorrow is open and I need to clean up and run some errands. I’m thinking about going out and shaking a tailfeather tho, cause I feel like dancing. My friend at http://www.honeysmoke.com will be in town Sunday so hanging out with her for a bit.

    I have no idea why you are on mod status..have fun!!!

  3. I hope you post some of the pics. I look forward to seeing them!

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