Re-Thinking The Wedding Favor

There are some wedding traditions that I quite frankly thought were plain old stupid, i.e. the bouquet toss or just plain wasteful, like printed napkins. I had wedding favors on that list as well. I can’t remember when I’ve taken a favor home from a wedding that was useful or that I could locate in my house 24 hours after the wedding had taken place.
Well, I might be re-thinking that notion. Myron and I went to a wedding reception a week or so ago and got the most creative favor I’d seen in a very long time. The bride and groom had gotten married in Jamaica the week before and their gift to their guests was a jar of jerk seasoning with a recipe for jerk chicken attached! It was so neat!
Myron and I were quite excited because being foodies ourselves and with him being the resident chef, we were eager to try it. The reception was Friday night and we had jerk chicken and rice for Sunday dinner. Turned out pretty good too.
So I am re-thinking having some sort of favor but it would have to be more creative and not so cookie cutter and very inexpensive.
My initial thought is to do a candy bar. It’s pretty trendy right now in the wedding world but can be done pretty cheaply. Several types of penny candy/gum and containers to take it away in. I might go that route…we’ll least it’s a favor that would actually get used.
Thoughts on interesting wedding favors???




15 thoughts on “Re-Thinking The Wedding Favor

  1. I’ve only like two favors. My cousin had small bottles of champagne with her name and her husbands and the date of their wedding. I was able to use that lol! It made a fabulous mimosa. My friends got married last year and had Italian seasonings in a nice dispenser. It came home with me and is almost gone I’ve used it so much. So yes if you’re going with the favor get one that people could use in their everyday lives or you can decide to save your money :-).

  2. I agree with Babs. Most people won’t miss a favor, I think I left the last one I got at the wedding (!).

    Our “favor” is our dessert bar, I’m buying inexpensive takeout boxes that I’m handstamping with “Love is Sweet” and “Thank You” so people can take home cupcakes, cookies (with our monogram), and carmel corn at the end of the night. It’s a win-win, less waste and people from out of town will appreciate having a little treat to take back to their hotel.

    And be careful…a candy/treat bar can be EXPENSIVE especially if you have to get the candy and then if you don’t already have them, the bowls, jars, labels, scoops, bags, etc. and buying enough and different types of candy to make it look full and interesting. My friend spent like $500 on hers for a 200 guest wedding – apparently single color and personalized m&ms aren’t cheap!

  3. For my cousin’s wedding, she and her husband gave out a mix CD with some of their favorite music on it which also included the song they danced to at the reception. I personally liked that idea.

  4. I hope that the folks that know me, already know what they’re getting. LOL
    I’m a wine maker, so splits of my current favorite will be the wedding favor. I agree with the others who said to make it something personal about you and Myron. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant.

  5. With favors, I definitely feel like if you skip it, nobody will notice or care. But my favorite kinds are edible. I’ve received useless favors that I never used (notepads with the couple’s name/logo on it, etc.) but I’d prefer to get a cookie or something. I’ve been to a couple of weddings where I received a little bottle of wine, which was also nice.

    (p.s. thanks for checking out my blog!)

  6. I don’t look at the favors as just something to give out. To me, it’s saying thank you for taking the time out of your day to travel/spend time/spend money to come to our wedding. I realize it’s only something small and forgettable, but I’d want my guests to know that we appreciate their presence. As a favor, we’re giving out boxes of personalized M&Ms that say “Thank You” and “We Love You”. Of course, this goes with “our story”. Find something that’s unique to you and Myron, and it can be inexpensive, but people will remember it.

  7. The only wedding favor I have actually used are Hershey’s kisses.

  8. I was on the fence about favors as well. I decided on letter openers and bamboo fans. We are having the ceremony outside under the gazebo so I figured the fans would be a nice touch, inexpensive and useful

  9. I think wedding favors are a waste UNLESS its something edible like the jerk seasoning. I love chocolate. For my 21st birthday, my mom bought a box of hershey bars from Sam’s club, took the labels off, printed my name, birthday and and something decorative on the backside and gave them to me to eat, I mean share with my friends. I’m sure you’d want something more polished than that for a wedding but its just an idea. I’ve gotten some CDs and I think those are cool, but so played out. Key chains-boooo! A friend of mine’s mother makes homemade jam so she gave that out in little jars to her guests as a favor. I also got a small engraved sterling silver box from a wedding. I keep jewelry in it. But I don’t care that its engraved at all-it could have come from anywhere.

    I say stick to candy because if you DIY that can be cheap. Or skip it all together and let your programs serve as a momento from your wedding.

  10. My favors were small porcelin scrolls that stood about six inches high. They had different spiritual items like The Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, the Serenity Prayer and the 23 Psalms. I got them all from the Dollar Store. I found them in AL, but needed more, so I looked them up on line and the headquarters was like 2miles from my mom’s house. She went and ordered them and had them delivered to the store next to her job and brought them all down when they came for the wedding. What we did was make a game of it so that only 2-3 people per table got the “favor”. Like Babs said most people don’t keep them anyway, so why spend money buying something for everyone.

  11. The recipe ideas are great. I’ve done it for holidays & birthdays. The wedding favor I like the most is a CD of songs. They were played at the wedding, reception, etc. Kind of a soundtrack of the couple. For those that know the couple, the songs will have meaning and since I’m a lover of music, it’s something I’d actually use.

  12. I like that jerk chicken idea. I also love the candy idea. That could be fun and yummy. Or maybe a recipe you two love with accompanying spices tied with your wedding colours.

  13. I’ve seen some pretty good favors over the years. Two that stood out:

    – August wedding at a beach house in Annapolis, overlooking the water. Multicolored Old Navy flip flops for all the guests, little poem about having fun, not taking life too serious, and being footloose and fancy free

    – 2 packets of seeds (can’t remember what kind) with a bow and poem about nurturing and growing the seeds, just as they (the couple) hoped their family and friends would help them grow and nurture their marriage

  14. Save your money. Seriously. I think the jerk seasoning idea was cute, but favors are mostly forgettable. Even at my besties wedding last month, we got these delicious little monogrammed candies, but I would never have missed it if she hadn’t had them.

    If you are planning a wedding on a budget I would definitely skip favors.

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