The Power To Prosper with Serenity23

My FB, Twitter and IRL friend, Serenity23, is currently doing a 21 Day Financial Fast and is blogging (along with her guest bloggers) each chapter and assignment in the book Power to Prosper. I didn’t elect to participate because I am going to have a lot of money outflow due to spending for the wedding.
But I am following along with the blog posts and have been blessed and encouraged by the comments. It has certainly put some thoughts in my head about how wasteful I am with my money.
If you want to read the series of posts so far, go HERE. And make sure you keep checking back for all 21 days of knowledge and sharing.

One thought on “The Power To Prosper with Serenity23

  1. OK…Tiffany in Houston, I am Tiffany in Atlanta but goes by the name The Green Eyed Bandit courtesy of The Original Oldgirl, LadyLee. I see we are running the the same circle with LadyLee, Serenity, and now CC, The Creole living in the Peach State. I am adding your blog to my list.

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